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Keystroke Cut and Paste Problem in Windows

By GnJB ·
I prefer the Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V keystrokes to perform cut, copy and paste operations in Windows applications instead of the mouse driven, drop down menu selections. However, I often find that I am pasting full screen or window images into my text even though I highlighted the desired text before copying. I do use the CtrlRightArrow and the CrtlLeftArrow to navigate to the new location before pasting but do not able to consistently control the "screen grab" to limit the capture to only include the desired/selected text.

Any ideas?

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It would help if you could provide

by j.lupo In reply to Keystroke Cut and Paste P ...

which applications are providing the issue. I have not had this problem using the keyboard from Excel to Word for example.

Can you provide an example of when it is happening to you?

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It sounds like

by w2ktechman In reply to It would help if you coul ...

either you are accidentally hitting other keys, or specific apps are not responding to the request the same. What applications are having the problem?
I use these in MS Office, notepad, and other apps without issue.

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I have a similar problem

by twood In reply to It would help if you coul ...

I have a new Dell machine that I upgraded from Windows Home to Windows Pro and installed Office 2003. When I am in Word or another application and I highlight text and then do a ctrl-V and then paste it into an Outlook message I get a graphic in the form of something that looks like an icon. When I do the copy from the right click menu and paste it works ok.
The pasted icon looks like a light blue container with a green arrow pointing upwards and with a small yellow circle to the right with a computer screen in it.

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Yes, more verbose pls

by Tink! In reply to Keystroke Cut and Paste P ...

Definitely need to know what apps you're copying from. As well, what keystrokes are you using to select the text?

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Keystroke Cut and Paste Problem in Windows

by vvaddi In reply to Keystroke Cut and Paste P ...

I have same problem, but only when I connect to my work computer using Windows Remote Desktop (RDP). I experienced exactly same problem as you explained.

Resolution: (could work)
Goto the TaskManager by right-clicking on taskbar, goto the processes look for rdpclip.exe and shutdown this processor. I did this on remote machine and my cut/and paste started working with selected text instead of desktop-fullscreen as image.

good luck.

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