Keystroke(s) to disable QuickLaunch

By Sebastian42 ·
QuickLaunch interferes with Scandisk, so I want to disable QuickLaunch before doing a ScanDisk. I'd like to do that by batch file (I KNOW the mouse clicks required), so I'd like to discover what keystrokes would disable QuickLaunch, as a first step to writing a batchfile to close QuickLaunch. Any help appreciated.

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Duplication illusory

by Sebastian42 In reply to You have 2 previous posts ...

Both my posts mention QuickLaunch, but ask about different aspects in different O/Ss.

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RE: "Both.. ..posts.. ..ask about different aspects in different O/Ss" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Duplication illusory

Whereas in this thread you decided to NOT specify ANY operating system ??

Which of the 3 is illusory now ?

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Clarification about O/Ss and duplication

by Sebastian42 In reply to RE: "Both.. ..posts.. ..a ...

I would like to close QuickLaunch by batch file
in a WinMe system (an o/s that still has Scandisk) - for that I'd like to know a (series of) keystroke(s) that will close QuickLaunch - in the hope that I can code these into a batch file.

Another query involving QuickLaunch was about WinXP on someone else's PC, where Task Manager; Applications tab; lists QuickLaunch and Desktop (?) which I have never seen listed there in other PCs.

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