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Keywords' impact on search engine rankings

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Design and Usability Tactics e-newsletter discusses how keywords impact search engine rankings. How much do you think about keywords during the design process? Are there any keywords that you would add to Michael Meadhra's "Keywords that don't count" or "Keywords that do count" lists?

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Keyword Matters

by script In reply to Keywords' impact on searc ...

If you are planning to market yourself from search engines then keywoord is as important as the design becuse you will need then in:

1. Planning the navigation links
2. Planning the Content for the website
3. Planning of design as per above 2

My website ranks amonst top #10 for more then 25 keywords and this makes my website the prime promotional tool. It all began with keyword research!


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Effective Keywords

by StarTiming In reply to Keyword Matters

If you design your site for easy, effective use by your best customers you will be using the best keywords automaticly -- in ALT tags, in links, in headers, and in body text.
What do your visitors come for? What do you want them to see? Get that right and the keywords will shout at you AND show in search engines.

It's just good design to have the first few words tell the heart of what your page is about. This helps both visitors and your rankings.

The NAME of the page is vital and should reflect the content vividly and attractively.

But yes, it's still important to put those in the metatags too. Don't just do keywords.
Some search engines actually show the "site description" metatag verbatim to searchers.

Incidentally, we don't rely entirely on search engines. We try to be so valuable that word of mouth brings people. And we use the URL in signatures in all correspondence, including notes to email group lists.

Even though the website has been much neglected our visitation continues to grow. It's been a long long time since we've had less than 1000 hits on a slow day. We're looking forward to averaging 2000 soon. This will surely happen as soon as we do a better job of following our own advice.

Jane Axtell

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