Kill steam when game finishes

By Slayer_ ·
So I bought The Last Remnant, Darn fun game. But it requires this BS program Steam to run all the time, and it gives you ad's about the latest games and stuff, and just plain eats memory for no reason.

Basically what I want to do is make something like a batch file or whatever, that will run the command line that The Last Remnant icon passes to steam, waits for the game to load, than closes steam.

The command line it uses is

"C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe" -applaunch 23310

So my first thought was batch file this, however, how can you force close a process from a batch file?

My next thought was a VBScript, but no API calls so can't create a process.

So I COULD maybe do it in VB6, however even if I create a process, maybe have my app wait 2 minutes then kill the process, this seems like overkill and may not work.

I would prefer to do this the batch file way, any suggestions?

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Only eats memory if you don't have much of it ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Kill steam when game fini ...

I've never had any memory problems with Steam - and I was one of the last humans on the face of the planet to capitulate and start using it.

I'm not entirely sure that you CAN kill it off while you continue to play the game.

If you can't - you'll soon know about it.

If on the other hand you just want to kill it AFTER you've finished playing the game - just kill the process from Task Manager. Or if you want to take the 'difficult' route - right click the Steam icon in the SysTray and kill that instead! :)

I kill things like that using WinPatrol.

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Well when ur gaming

by Slayer_ In reply to Only eats memory if you d ...

Every last CPU Cycle helps :).

It seems steam is trying to be another Xfire, but sucks at every part of it including shutting up while your gaming.

Seriously, its currently using 30mb of RAM, while xfire is using 20, and I am actually using XIG and have several chat windows open... that's pathetic! For a program that does nothing but let you start the game.

Besides that, the idea that my game that I paid for will only work as long as steam exists is ludicrous, considering some of my favorite games are made by companies that no longer exist, if they had something similar to steam, I would not be able to play those games anymore. It seems if in 10 years I want to replay this great game, I'll probably have to crack it... How pathetic is that? It's DRM all over again, Buy it and keep it for awhile, steal it and keep it forever.....

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