Kindly help me for Remote desktop connection

By Bezalel ·
hi....i'm Lee

in my home, i've a Server with windows server2003, i have a 4 clients under workgroup not a Domain. now i want to connect Malaysia Server which have a Windows server2003.

i tried windows remote desktop connection moreover it was failed, so i want a another solution or any other software except TeamViewer and Showmy PC............

kindly help me it is very urgent.............

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Which version of 2003 is involved on this second server?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Kindly help me for Remote ...

If it's R2 or something like that you need to be part of the Domain that this server is on. Windows Server 2003 R2 doesn't support the Workgroup Option.


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more information please

by markp24 In reply to Kindly help me for Remote ...

Are you trying to connect from one of the 4 workstations to the windows 2003 server (what is the malasia server, is that a different server on another site?)

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Level of access?

by B.Kaatz In reply to Kindly help me for Remote ...

Well, if you have access enough on the remote (Malaysia?) server, you can install VNC/TightVNC and use that for remote access.

I think a bit more clarification is required to fully and properly answer this question:
1.) Is this all on one LAN, or is this going from your home network across the internet to another network?
2.) Do you administrate, or have Administrator-level access on the remote server?
3.) For what you need on that remote server, does it have to be accessed from the desktop, or can you just access it through the filesystem?

HTH. Let us know.

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