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    King of Desktop Search


    by wesley.chin ·

    What is better? Google or MS?

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      Kings are overrated, besides they can only move one space at a time

      by mktgurl ·

      In reply to King of Desktop Search

      I’d have to say neither. Google innovates great things, and Microsoft is really good at beating the market into believing that it needs their products to survive; but for desktop search, I’d have to go with the lesser known entities like X1 or any company specifically designed to innovate in a particular vertical space. Just because it has the Google or Microsoft brand slapped onto it doesn’t mean that it’s a good fit for your company or your budget.

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      Neither. I’d have to go with the original ‘2xExplorer’ which …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to King of Desktop Search

      Had its own search engine built in.

      It proved to be far superior to anything M$ and far faster than I’ve ever known Google to be.

      Sadly in the newest build ( Explorer2 [as in squared] ) their is a disclaimer stating that the search engine has defaulted to the M$ search routines.

      I reckon this is the writing on the wall and this particular twin-pane file manager is not long for this independent life. Soon it will be a rebranded M$ product.

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      Neither beats a good directory structure.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to King of Desktop Search

      It wouldn’t take five minutes of Google research to learn how to effectively store your data. If you can use a filing cabinet, you can develop a filing convention for yourself and eliminate the need for desktop search applications.

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        Good point.

        by dawgit ·

        In reply to Neither beats a good directory structure.

        I’m glad to see I’m not the only one Not wasting my time useing one of those things to tell me where my stuff is. I put it there, I should know where is. (or, should be) You’re right it’s a simple file system mentality. With-out that how can anyone work with computers effectivly?
        Of course, don’t forget the security holes the search engines bore in your computer for you. No thanks, I’ll just look myself. -d

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        I agree. NOT observing a default file path also helps…

        by older mycroft ·

        In reply to Neither beats a good directory structure.

        There are way too many coders who opt for an obscure file path when they create their download’s dialogue box.

        The average punter just blindly clicks the ‘OK’ button (for speed and ease of use) then can’t remember, or more accurately NEVER knew, where the file path was going to ‘hide’ the downloaded file(s).

        Those dialogue boxes should be treated with a bit more than cursory passing interest.

        I so much wish that Users would not just download everything to the Desktop because they always end up complaining that they can’t find anything.

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