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Klingons CAN be generous...

By Klingon ·
One of the things I love (and hate sometimes) about being in this field is that co-workers come to me with questions about anything and everything on a daily basis. (For some reason people think that because we're in IT, we can help them fix their washing machine at home, or build them a hardwood entrance in their foyer. And if one more person asks me to help them move....ugh!) Anywho, besides people asking me which computer is the best, or asking for a little tech support for their home pc, one of the most common questions is, "Hey, Klingon, do you have any old computers laying around in storage that maybe I could have?" Welp, I finally had enough of a stockpile of old parts and motherboards to build four or five decent little machines. OK, by "decent", I mean they range from a Pentium 100 to a 400mhz. Maybe not the most screamin' machines out there, but will serve just fine for sending emails to their friends and family, and doing a little surfing on the web. The people I'm giving the computers to aren't exactly the most well-to-do, if ya know what I mean. I'm not allowed to give away monitors, I guess I can understand that. So, I'm trying to find a place where maybe I can buy a little 15" monitor dirt cheap - don't care if it's been refurbished, don't care if I have to spend the dough out of my own pocket. But I'm not rich by any means, either. Any ideas where to look? I've scoured the classifieds - nuttin'. I've looked for ads about businesses going under and selling everything off - got zippy. Tried pcnation, pricewatch, and - cheapest I can find is a 15" for 84 bones - can't afford that times five. (Plus the shipping on top of that)

Is there anywhere I could go to find a monitor for say, 20 bucks or so?? (Sorry if that sounds ridiculous, but like I said, I'm no Donald Trump.) And please, no eBay. I've banned that site. I hate it - with a passion.


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