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KM vs DM

By Manoj.Malik ·
Hi All,

Knowledge management use information technology, but its primary focus is on people. They are ultimate source of corporate success, because they are source of knowledge.
After two decades working with electronic information and communication technologies, managers are recognizing that success is not about people to work with IT, but about helping people to work with other people. Knowledge management is explicitly about how people learn and share together in organizations. As such it is the only way to ensure that all our expensive investment in information handling and communications actually prove worthwhile (Gladstone, B. 2000).

Tacit knowledge is what individuals know. It is called tacit because it is personally held and may not even be recognized as knowledge by its holder. Tacit knowledge includes subjective know-how, insights and intuitions. It is dynamic flow, ever-changing with the experience of its possessor.

Explicit knowledge, on the other hand, is formally held in the form of reports, equations, formula, specifications and the like. It is easily transmitted between the individuals and groups.


Electronic DOCUMENT management (EDM) promises major productivity and performance increases by applying technology to documents and document processing. EDM is the application of technology to save paper, speed up communications, and increase the productivity of business processes. Most of the valuable information in organizations lay in the form of documents, such as business forms, reports, letters, memos, policy statements, contracts, agreements and so on.

Documents are the vehicle for accomplishing most processes in organizations. The documents are the primarily forms that flow through the organization carrying information, accumulating input and approval from a sequence of people.

I am doing this survey for academic purposes.Please take some time to provide your invaluable thought.
Thanks in advance.

Survey Questions:

Section I

Q.1 Provide the IT company background?
Q.2. Please tick which system is used by the organization to achieve their objectives-
Ans. 1. Knowledge Management (KM) System
2. Documentation Management (DM) system

Q.3a. Why the company chooses the KM system in their organization in terms of following:
a) product interest related to individual behaviors and preferences-
b) to improve work efficiency and effectiveness as a business and IT strategy-
c) IT management as providing prompt technical support and solution-
Q.3b why the company did not consider to chose the other DM system?

Section II
Q.3 provides some motivating factors for choosing the KM system?
Q.4 how the above factors help the IT management in decision making?
Q.5 Does all the staff members are agreed that this is the right system chosen by the IT management. If not, why?
Q.6 How KM help organization to decide what support level agreement and services they have with the vendors, if downtime occcours?

Section III
Q.7 what is the detailed proposed agenda of IT management?
Q.8 Provide Risk associated with above factors (section II) in terms of business and IT perspective?
Q.9 discuss briefly if the organization would like to conduct a product switch?
Q.10 how would this (product switch) impact between organization and IT environment as a whole?

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