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Know what I would like to see on TechRepublic

By DanLM ·
More topics about Unix:
- PFCTL to be specific which is BSD
Server Configuration
- Shoot, maybe my below mentioned topics cover this.
Virtual Machines.
- One of the tech repubic writers discussing the various products and what they felt should be used for what situation.
- Why you would, why you wouldn't, what the bloody **** is the difference, what do you gain, what do you lose. How to fine tune them when you have network slowdown.
- Would love to see a step by step on some of these things like they did with Vista.
****, I'm a scriptor. Id love to see a tech hint area for server scripts. Not windows, but Unix scripts. Check process's, check quota's, ...
Backups - Look at Virtual Machines for what I think about that.
What the ****, what's Tech Republic's favorite Unix flavor and why? Why couldn't tech republic do a roll out and install of new releases of various Unix Flavors.
God, sendmail. The nasty S word. The Di's and dont's of sendmail.
I know that their is some good posts/blogs/articles on various programming languages. I'd like to see more of them.

Yes, I do read other articles. But I would like another opinion on it. I am subscribed to the Unix newsletter, so I do read what they offer already.

Chuckle, I see the flames ah coming.


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