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Know when you are targeted for harassment

By AdiseshK ·
For being a unbiased contributor as a senior engineer at computer manufacturing company I was professionally and personally harassed. I would like to share the following thoughts to help the conscientious minded to know if they are targeted for mistreatment.

- Do you believe in not being part of workplace cliques that revels in intimidation and morale undermining domineering attitude ?
- Have you experienced the following health symptoms
- Sudden onset of drowsiness, headache or pain in the sinus?

If you say yes to both the questions, you may want to observe if the time-frame when these health symptoms occur correlate with harassing/negative experiences with your manager or co-workers or when you are performing duties over and beyond your responsibility (e.g: collaborate on ideas with other groups at different campuses within the company, work extra hours to complete your tasks ahead of schedule). First, you will want to make sure you are healthy, ensure you do not have allergies or any ailment that could contribute to the above mentioned health symptoms. If not already, please try to start an exercise schedule that involves cardio-vascular exercises and eat healthy. If after improving your health you continue to observe the symptoms mentioned above, it is very likely you are being deliberately targeted for mistreatment. You may consider doing the following:

Before approaching your manager or HR with grievance do A] and B] below:
A] Collect the following information - record specific instances of harassment and date/time when health symptom observed, relevant emails, documents etc. in paper form. Do not rely on leaving it on your work assigned computer.

B] Consult like-minded individuals who share your values whether they are experiencing both negative peers/manager and health symptoms mentioned above. To confirm your suspicion, you may want to bring another person (spouse, friend, fellow-employee) at the time and location you experience the above symptoms.

C] Convince yourself you are being mistreated by observing the negative pattern of behavior targeted at you for at least 6 months, complain to your immediate manager.

If for any reason you are put on suspended from your job after you complained to management, immediately contact Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), not doing so is very likely to lead to your job getting terminated.

If you choose not to complain to management, be of service to your fellow employees and express your concern and educate people around you.

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In my experience

by mjd420nova In reply to Know when you are targete ...

I have encountered the situations you describe, and beeen at loggerheads withmanagement over this. As a result, the HR department has been renamed TS (tough $hit) department. They are all ears to listen to your complaints, and begin citing policy and procedure. Offering no help but an open ear and a rambling mouth. Those problems are supposed to be confidential but often are communicated to managers and supervisors. This eventually results in atitudes that make for hostile environments. Any further complaints are met with comments such as "IF you're not happy here maybe you should seek employment elsewhere." Making any mention to others is met with a deaf ear and even continued communication with management over "unhappy employees". The real root of the problems are never fully addressed and continued frustrations result in said workers leaving to find a more hospitable work place. Management becomes complacent with the group who act as buffers between disgruntled workers and those who are supposed to hear and correct those faults. Continued attempts at resolution result in threats from others and meetings with management over perceived problems that are never resolved. Unfortunatly these management styles are deeply imbedded at upper levels and cannot be rooted out or resolved. What to do??
Do you like the job, even with the conditions as they are?? Too often many are stuck where they are, and financially unable to change the situation.

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Re: In my experience

by AdiseshK In reply to In my experience

I brought to the notice of my management the health adverse working condition, I also requested a air-quality measurement device be installed and operated at times when I worked late in the evenings at the lab because I suspected something in the air to be a possible reason. That request went unheeded, within 15 days of my complaint to the management, I was suspended from my job and asked to undergo medical examination because in my manager's own words "people who smell odors may have a brain tumor". After the medical examination, to keep my job I was asked to undergo a psychiatric treatment because I was imagining the odors. I refused to undergo the treatment because the company did a biased investigation, firstly by not putting air-quality measurement device secondly did not seek a 2nd opinion with another examiner to confirm if I was medically unfit and thirdly, refused to consider an air sample I had collected for examination - showing that they wanted a pretext to underm
ine my credibility. Approximately 2 months from the date of my complaint, the company terminated my job because I did not undergo psychiatric treatment.

To show that the company is hiding the truth bears evidence since they have refused to divulge the psychiatric report to
- An independent medical professional ( I sought to clarify if something was really wrong with me)
- EEOC. After I filed an EEOC complaint, the company fist agreed to mediate, I invited the independent medical professional for the mediation so that he can get to view the psychiatric report. 5 days before the day of mediation, the company refused to mediate.
- MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) San Diego during my enlistment into California National Guard.

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