kodak easyshare

By tuwa ·
1. what trends in the marketing environment led kodak to enter the digital camera market?
2. why have the easyshare cameras been so successful?
3. which of the marketing opportunities being considered would you recommend kodak emphasize? why?
4. what other marketing opportunities can you identify that kodak might pursue?

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Easyshare Kodak?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to kodak easyshare

1. What Computer/IT course would feature such specialized questions?
2. Why do you think WE would do your homework for you?
3. Which of the available online payment methods will you employ to pay for these answers?
4. What other sources could you use that might be more forthcoming?

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by Geo.Howard In reply to Easyshare Kodak?...

Not really a tech question, but interesting to see someone wanting to get marketing info from us.

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Easy one...

by Geo.Howard In reply to kodak easyshare

1. Becuase 85% of people who own camaras, also own a PC. Giving someone the option to "bypass" a photo-mat is less expencive, user friendly, and easier to share with friends and family.
2. Cheap, quick, and easy.
3. They already have great camaras for teens, and family users. I would like to see a line geared for more advanced users. Not pro, but Hi Res.
4. Smaller, and quicker frame rate. Shutter speeds are very slow on most digitals.

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