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By p_dolton ·
Has anyone been??

I live in the south east of england and currently studying from various online and reading materials but the work is slow and hard so i am considering koening solutions, as there seems to be nowhere in england that is half decent or can show me cost of courses without having to give all my details or phoning some stupid phone number...which to me sounds all to fimilar like a con?

so India seems to be an option, now iv searched on google for key words for koenig, and its split some people say its very good but with poor facilities (but im no prude so wont bother me one bit)

So who has been and what is it like come on guys i am serious thinkning of going and before i go i would like some honest feedback!

Im fed up with con men and people prommising the world, i want a decent course with decent people fronting the course is that so much to ask for honest people trying to learn what it seems, so hard to find.

its just so annoying! when ur willing to learn have the funds that provide you with options and all you can see if people that want to take ur cash and leave u hanging!!!!!


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by bilsoft In reply to koenig-solutions

if you are person looking for quality training with good price and not considering the show much then bilsoft is the right destination its the small place but enough to accomodate 8-10 people with dedicated trainer for details pls contact bilal 9822125728

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by yfortes In reply to TRY BILSOFT

how do you get the programs that they offer and their fees. was not able to get into their website. im interested in mcse + security and doing the exams for A+, hoping you will get back to be soon. as i m planning to leave in sept.

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Bilsoft offers Good Training & good price too

by bilsoft In reply to koenig-solutions

new email id:

fees is not mention on the net but it is really very reasonable with good trainer for details please call bilal +**-9822125728

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by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to Bilsoft offers Good Train ...

Tried to visit, which is not loading. is just some random website they are listed on!

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Forget it mate

by Kiltie In reply to koenig-solutions

Save your money and get an IT job, it will be worth a lot more than any bogus letters after your name.

What will it cost? A few thousand, I guess, those few thousand will keep you going in the job hunting market, until you get the right one.

Experience counts

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Not entirely correct

by olivergw In reply to Forget it mate

If you aim for the bogus letters of say...CCIE after your name, it will certainly be worth some money, a lot more than a few thousand :)

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Boot camps?

by beer.b.singh In reply to koenig-solutions

hey, does anyone know how good these guys are? ?

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by beer.b.singh In reply to koenig-solutions

just curious.. since i'm from india.. what would you want from a Boot Camp provider, and from your experience in terms of the sale, and delivery in india?

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Keep away

by n0tg00d In reply to koenig-solutions





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The Truth About Koenig

by GS198 In reply to koenig-solutions

** Must Read about Koenig Solutions Boot camp **

I am currently at the Delhi boot camp, the boot camp is a complete joke, the management doesn?t have a clue and once they have your money they don?t care too much. This is my experience so far: -

I arrived early Tuesday morning around 2am, was due to start my training at 9. Soon as I got to the centre I was told my training had started yesterday (Monday) and that I had missed a day. What ?, after arguing with the manager and showing her the emails with the Koenig marketing team she agreed mistakes had been made, but there was very little she could do about the missed day. Conclusion I missed a day of training and no refund. To top it off I paid for one on one training but had to share the class with two others.

During the training we noticed the equipment was faulty (Cisco routers, switches no aironet. voip equipment didn?t worked) My trainer even got a electric shock!!!!, when I reported it I was told to write it down. No action was taken I dare not touch the equipment after that. Alarm bells started ringing; I and the other two complained about the equipment, we again were told they will get it fixed in a day or two. It?s been 2 weeks now.

If things were not bad enough I realized large amount of money had gone missing from my hotel room, after reporting the theft to Koenig I was told they outsource the hotel service I need to deal with it myself and report it to the police. I was even told ?you should have read the small print ". Shocked and angry I reported the incident to the hotel manager who denied that his staff would steal and did not what to hear about the matter again. Went back to Koenig who again did nothing about the incident.

There is no customer service they are solely interested in the money and once they have the cash they just cant wait to see you go.

The hotels are also a joke, Rangoli hotel chain owns all the budget hotels, the food is below standard other boot campers are always complaining about ants in the food etc etc. The staff can not be trusted they enter your room while your at the training centre and go through your belongings, steal, lie and cheat you anyway possible.

If i knew a few weeks ago what i know now, would never have dreamed to have signed up with Koenig doesn?t matter how cheap they are. I have decided to cut my training short and requested to be refunded for the training left, guess we will have to see what excuse they come up with for not refunding me the money.

I know there will be others out there saying they didn?t encounter any problems. Which is good, but you see the real colors of any company when the customer needs them the most. They have no respect for their customers they only want the cash and you to leave.

I am a victim of a crime, so far been unable to report the theft to the police as I am unaware of the process nor do I speak Hindi. Koenig are not willing to help translate the incident to the police. I have contacted the British Embassy and was told they have had problems with Koenig before. I wish someone had told me before I traveled to India.

People just be careful, don?t expect the same service as we do back home, the people at Koenig don?t care for much. Long as they get paid.

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