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    by p_dolton ·

    Has anyone been??

    I live in the south east of england and currently studying from various online and reading materials but the work is slow and hard so i am considering koening solutions, as there seems to be nowhere in england that is half decent or can show me cost of courses without having to give all my details or phoning some stupid phone number…which to me sounds all to fimilar like a con?

    so India seems to be an option, now iv searched on google for key words for koenig, and its split some people say its very good but with poor facilities (but im no prude so wont bother me one bit)

    So who has been and what is it like come on guys i am serious thinkning of going and before i go i would like some honest feedback!

    Im fed up with con men and people prommising the world, i want a decent course with decent people fronting the course is that so much to ask for honest people trying to learn what it seems, so hard to find.

    its just so annoying! when ur willing to learn have the funds that provide you with options and all you can see if people that want to take ur cash and leave u hanging!!!!!


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      by bilsoft ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      if you are person looking for quality training with good price and not considering the show much then bilsoft is the right destination its the small place but enough to accomodate 8-10 people with dedicated trainer for details pls contact bilal 9822125728

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        by yfortes ·

        In reply to TRY BILSOFT

        how do you get the programs that they offer and their fees. was not able to get into their website. im interested in mcse + security and doing the exams for A+, hoping you will get back to be soon. as i m planning to leave in sept.

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      Bilsoft offers Good Training & good price too

      by bilsoft ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      new email id:

      fees is not mention on the net but it is really very reasonable with good trainer for details please call bilal +91-9822125728

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      Forget it mate

      by kiltie ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      Save your money and get an IT job, it will be worth a lot more than any bogus letters after your name.

      What will it cost? A few thousand, I guess, those few thousand will keep you going in the job hunting market, until you get the right one.

      [b]Experience counts[/b]


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        Not entirely correct

        by olivergw ·

        In reply to Forget it mate

        If you aim for the bogus letters of say…CCIE after your name, it will certainly be worth some money, a lot more than a few thousand 🙂

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      Boot camps?

      by beer.b.singh ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      hey, does anyone know how good these guys are? ?

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      by beer.b.singh ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      just curious.. since i’m from india.. what would you want from a Boot Camp provider, and from your experience in terms of the sale, and delivery in india?

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      Keep away

      by n0tg00d ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      HI ALL,



      KEEP AWAY.

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      The Truth About Koenig

      by gs198 ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      ** Must Read about Koenig Solutions Boot camp **

      I am currently at the Delhi boot camp, the boot camp is a complete joke, the management doesn?t have a clue and once they have your money they don?t care too much. This is my experience so far: –

      I arrived early Tuesday morning around 2am, was due to start my training at 9. Soon as I got to the centre I was told my training had started yesterday (Monday) and that I had missed a day. What ?, after arguing with the manager and showing her the emails with the Koenig marketing team she agreed mistakes had been made, but there was very little she could do about the missed day. Conclusion I missed a day of training and no refund. To top it off I paid for one on one training but had to share the class with two others.

      During the training we noticed the equipment was faulty (Cisco routers, switches no aironet. voip equipment didn?t worked) My trainer even got a electric shock!!!!, when I reported it I was told to write it down. No action was taken I dare not touch the equipment after that. Alarm bells started ringing; I and the other two complained about the equipment, we again were told they will get it fixed in a day or two. It?s been 2 weeks now.

      If things were not bad enough I realized large amount of money had gone missing from my hotel room, after reporting the theft to Koenig I was told they outsource the hotel service I need to deal with it myself and report it to the police. I was even told ?you should have read the small print “. Shocked and angry I reported the incident to the hotel manager who denied that his staff would steal and did not what to hear about the matter again. Went back to Koenig who again did nothing about the incident.

      There is no customer service they are solely interested in the money and once they have the cash they just cant wait to see you go.

      The hotels are also a joke, Rangoli hotel chain owns all the budget hotels, the food is below standard other boot campers are always complaining about ants in the food etc etc. The staff can not be trusted they enter your room while your at the training centre and go through your belongings, steal, lie and cheat you anyway possible.

      If i knew a few weeks ago what i know now, would never have dreamed to have signed up with Koenig doesn?t matter how cheap they are. I have decided to cut my training short and requested to be refunded for the training left, guess we will have to see what excuse they come up with for not refunding me the money.

      I know there will be others out there saying they didn?t encounter any problems. Which is good, but you see the real colors of any company when the customer needs them the most. They have no respect for their customers they only want the cash and you to leave.

      I am a victim of a crime, so far been unable to report the theft to the police as I am unaware of the process nor do I speak Hindi. Koenig are not willing to help translate the incident to the police. I have contacted the British Embassy and was told they have had problems with Koenig before. I wish someone had told me before I traveled to India.

      People just be careful, don?t expect the same service as we do back home, the people at Koenig don?t care for much. Long as they get paid.

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        Need More Information

        by shariqkhan77 ·

        In reply to The Truth About Koenig

        Hello All,

        I am also thinking to join the Koenig Solutions for CCNA training at Delhi office,
        Can anyone help me to know about the quality of this institute? Are other branches like dehradun or shimla are better?

        Are they competitive enough with latest facilities? How are the trainers ?

        Thanks and regards
        Answer can be sended at

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        My experience was exectly the opposit !!!

        by doenja ·

        In reply to The Truth About Koenig

        I was hired by a new company to for fill a function (developer) i always wanted to for fill.

        When they told me i had to go to India to upgrade my skills i was a bit shocked. Later i realised that it was a once in a lifetime change. So i had to do the Oracle course to become Oracle Certified Professional Developer. A lot of people told me that with my lack of experience you could never get your OCP in 4 weeks. I was not impressed and went for it anyway.

        To see some of India as well i decided to go a week early. I went to the South of India and let Koenig arrange everything. Well they did a perfect job ! Everything went as planned and told. After that week i had to go to the North of India (Shimla) to study hard and get my OCP. When i just arrived in Shimla i got bad news from home.

        When i left home we just heard that my stepfather was very ill (cancer) but they wanted to give him chemo so he could last for a few months. To bad the fist chemo had a bad effect on his system and he got worse. He told me to just finish my exams as planned and he tried to get a little better. So he did not want me to get home for him .As promised i started my course and also because of the real good trainer I finished my first exam with 100 %. All other students were real nice and thought full. I the news from home was bad they always asked me to come and have diner or a drink at a bar.

        The next week and another exam, this time only 97 % but that was because of my own stupid rushing. My trainer and the rest of the Koenig staff kept a eye on my mental health to see if i could keep up the spirit. That really helped i felt a good support and because of the Internet connection in the hotel i had the change to speak to my family everyday through Skype.

        The third week my stepfather was near death and they phoned me to come home. But because i promised him to finish the course and i almost did i decided to do the last but also most difficult module a bit faster. That meant that i wanted to do my exam on a Sunday. Koenig was so kind to arrange this in this rare situation. I could do my last exam 3 days earlier. And again thanks to my trainer and my own spirit (now i know i do best with pressure ) i finished the last exam with 100 %. After that Koenig arranged a cab to get me to the airport as soon as possible. My insurance arranged an early flight back home.

        Unfortunately he died a day before i arrived, i was told when i arrived at the airport in the Netherlands, but he died after i finished my last exam. So he knew…. I want to thank Koenig for all the flexibility and if i have to recommend Koenig I will ! Just read this story and you know that even in hard circumstances you will be supported by Koenig. So that’s more then you pay for….

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          Are you for real?

          by allisgoodandok ·

          In reply to My experience was exectly the opposit !!!

          You write:
          “I went to the South of India and let Koenig arrange everything. Well they did a perfect job ! Everything went as planned and told. After that week i had to go to the North of India (Shimla) to study hard and get my OCP.”

          You are hinting or writing that Koenig organized a tour for you from the South of India to the north of India – without a hitch.

          This is typical Koenig marketing. Absolute hillareous.

          Been to Koenig twice til now.

          It’s standard Microsoft/Cisco/Oracle Official Curriculum. So they cannot screw up there. Well … even there they screw up (sorry) … last time around the cd on one my Microsoft Official Curriculum books had a DVD that was discretely removed (and used a lot, because the dvd showed a lot of small scratches, etc). I didnt think twice about it before i discovered it … because they managed to get the book professionally plastic (re)wrapped … Sneaky Koenig.

          The instructors know the labs, but the english is more often than not incomprehensible, so you can forget about going through the course slides with them. On both occassions when i was there i just let the instructor do his own thing – read/surf … and went through the material more or less on my own – from a professional point of view they are hopeless (2-3 exceptions out of about a group of 70 – 80 instructors). But everything is realive – eg. i am an independant consultant (over many years), and there are many that go to Koenig without a clue.

          Out of those there are many idiots and naive people who go to Koenig (Sorry!).

          I did it
          (1) to get away and its (in my case) anyway the official MOC material. And taking the prometric exams is about 1/3 to 1/4 the cheaper than doing it in Europe.
          (2) Visit india… it’s an eye opener. You really learn to appreciate home 🙂

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          by allisgoodandok ·

          In reply to Are you for real?

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        Opposite experience with Koenig (positive)

        by acash020 ·

        In reply to The Truth About Koenig


        My new company sent me out to India for a cisco certification path. The location where i am studying is located in Dehradun, a small town on the feet of the Himalaya. What I have heard from other students is that Dehradun doesnt has the hectic that Delhi has.

        I could recommend Koenig in Dehradun to everyone, the people from Koenig are really nice and the trainers are good.

        Good luck with it!

        (by the way, i have passed already 2 exams)

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      Koenig, a good solution for training

      by j_kamelan ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      May be I got a chance, regarding reactions I’ve read. I would like only know what people are looking for when going to india for bootcamp.
      If it is for having a good training environment, I think sincerly that Koenig Provides the good environment we need. I’ve spent 2 months in India for 2 Cisco Courses CCNA and CCNP and during that stay, I noticed a lot of student coming from all region of the word without any complaint both in Shimla and Delhi as I’ve done the 2 places. I’ve received all assistance I’ve needed in Hotel, for transportation to Prometric center to take all CCNP exams and other administrative assistance I ‘ve requested kindly.
      I’ve been refund correctly after a last bill evaluation.
      Concerning trainers I think that they know they subject but as all study, we have to work also hard, ourselves, to get a result. I didn’t face any major problem. Perfection doesn’t exist anywhere in our world!

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      Achieved MCSA and MCDST in Shimla

      by yicker124 ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      I trained in with Koenig in Shimla in May thru June 2007. Prior to going to India I knew very little about server 2003; I chose regular track MCSA and gave myself 3 extra days in case I missed an exam. I passed all 4 within the 33 days so with the extra time I took and passed MCDST (2 exams)this was familiar to me,as up to then I had been an IT support technician.
      In a class of 2 our first instructor wasn’t the best; we complained and they changed him for an excellent one.Whilst I was there I met 25/30 guys from all over the world doing different courses in different ways ie; fast track/regular track; all but 3 achieved the qualifications they had wanted. It’s hard work; 930 ’til 530 6 days; back to the hotel and get the laptop out and then more laptop on Sunday. I found the Koenig staff pleasant and helpful; the hotel I stayed in was OK.
      The equipment was good. Apart from the coach journey from Delhi to Shimla I have no complaints. I am 63 years old, by the way and I don’t work for Koenig.

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        63 &

        by the listed ‘g man’ ·

        In reply to Achieved MCSA and MCDST in Shimla

        Traveled to all they way to India to do an intensive course over 33 days & writes the words ’til & by the way.

        Prior to going knew very little about an OS you were to study that was released years ago!!!

        First Ever TR post…

        Pangs of lies here!

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      utube videos on a more realistic picture of Koenig-Solutoions

      by allisgoodandok ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      The utube videos below speak for themselves.

      They concern Koenig-Solutions.

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      Beware of Koenig

      by azeus ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      I would be very careful of booking with a course with Koenig. I was very disappointed myself when I attended a course with them last year.
      The tutors were far from adequate. My reasons for choosing Koenig were purely based on cost, however on reflection I wished I had paid extra and took my training in my own country. ALL and I mean ALL trainers at Koenig give their students the Passplus applications which for those of you that don?t know contain the questions you?ll be asked in your exams. I was extremely disappointed and lost faith in the Microsoft certifications when I witnessed first hand how the trainers get their students to pass. I went for knowledge and came back with exactly the same knowledge I already had.
      If anyone from Microsoft reads this, I?d just like to say companys like Koenig are not doing your credibility any good at all.

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        Koenig IT Training

        by drexlerd ·

        In reply to Beware of Koenig

        I recently took 2 CISCO courses with Koenig and my experience was a good one. I’m not sure what azeus was expecting from the bootcamp or if this was his first one. In my experience you get out of it what you put into it. of course there are going to be good instructors and bad instructors no matter where you decide to take the training at. There was a little bit of a language barrier at first until you get accustomed to the accent, but they always took the time explain anything I didn’t understand properly. Both of my instructors (Manish/Gagan) were well versed in the CISCO material and trained to the the CISCO press books. As far as the testing material (exact exam/pass4sure, etc) anyone who has ever studied for an IT exam has either seen or downloaded these to help re-enforce what they’ve learned or read in an IT book studying for or preparing for a certification. Anyone who say they haven’t is probably not being very honest with themselves. I would recommend Koenig for IT training, however I would not recommend the fast track for anyone that doesn’t have some experience or knowledge of the field that they are pursuing because the information comes hard and fast and there is not enough time for the hands-on portion of the training. The hands-on training is what ties everything together—at least for me.

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      Been to India three times with Koenig

      by anewham ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      No con men there. I have been over to India for three years running; 2007, 2008 and 2009 and gained several valuable Microsoft qualifications incl. MCP and MCAD and this has benefitted my career.
      They are a good bona fide organisation offering quality training.

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        by jamie-data ·

        In reply to Been to India three times with Koenig

        Is there anyone that is not a Koenig rep and can tell the truth about koenig?
        I have talked with Cherry at Koenig a couple times and have pricing and all the required details.. but i am a bit worried about giving koenig like 8 grand after reading all these posts and the positive posts seem to all be fake.

        I wish that Koenig would not try and hide the truth, if they have problems ok but dont try and hide it. I would feel better knowing that Koenig is for real and not some scam

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          Koenig Training- from a current CCSP student

          by kudos37 ·

          In reply to Koenig-Solutions

          Hi Jamie-data,

          I am currently doing my CCSP at Koenig. This is the 2nd time I have trained with them- the first time was 2 years ago to do my CCNP.

          My experience this time has been all positive. Since my CCNP Koenig have become a Cisco training partner and as such students are now able to take their exams at Koenig rather than another examination center elsewhere in Delhi. Being able to take the exams on-site makes such a difference. Additionally the quality of the course materials is much higher- genuine Cisco rather than the cheap asian press editions.

          The standard of trainers (from my experience) has been very high- for both my NP and SP. All have had great in-depth knowledge of their subjects and speak good english.

          I have also found them very flexible- I paid for normal track CCSP but I was quite familiar with the material and was luckily in a group of one (I didn’t pay for one to one study!). Koenig very nicely said that I could move to fast track thereby getting a little money back and finishing the CCSP slightly earlier. That goes above and beyond what I expected.

          I cannot comment on the accommodation since I am staying in a private apartment that I arranged myself, but other students seem to be happy with it. Koenig have I think invested quite a lot in the hospitality side of things and the Koenig managed accommodation is now a much better standard than the cheap hotels that I was offered 2 years ago.

          Any boot-camp course is about passing the exams. The breadth and depth of material covered in a CCNP/SP/VP etc is so vast that one cannot hope to be an expert in everything in the few weeks you are here. A lot of personal effort is required if the material or technologies are new to you. I put in a lot of extra hours on my CCNP since I was not massively experienced with Cisco, and that combined with the excellent training gets you through the exams. Being an expert in Cisco is another thing entirely! That only comes with day to day practice and personal study and a job with good exposure to the equipment.

          I will come back without hesitation and do my CCIE-Security if they offer it in the future (currently only CCIE-R&S).

          India might be the only shock you have if you haven’t been here before- I’ve been coming for 20 years and love it, but it is a culture shock for the uninitiated!

          Hope that helps,


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          Information on Koenig-Solutions: Must Read

          by itmgmt001 ·

          In reply to Koenig-Solutions

          First of all, I have read the blog replies in detail and find them interesting, entertaining and well just read on. As one blogger might have put it, ?the positive post seem to be fake”, but have you not considered that the negative posts might be fake. I have traveled to over 10 different countries, lived in over 7 and have over 15 years experience in the IT Industry.

          I can?t speak for all because some people are just plagued with bad experiences and come over to foreign countries, with a chip on their shoulders and expecting things to be like back in the country. So I’ll just put it this way. India is a not a rich country as we might very well know. But diversified and has much to offer those of us coming from abroad. I?m from the US and have been working in Europe for the past 10 years. I was turned on to Koenig by upper management to attend the course, review the training standards and obtain the certifications required.

          I was in no way shocked because I arrived there with no expectations of how living would be, how the class would be, just wanted the training in adequate facilities but professional, understandable English and my questions answered and providing me a means to know the fundamentals and explore from there. Training was far more than what I expected. Staff very helpful and the service apartment provided by Koenig very adequate and food was great. Again, you cannot come over here and compare it to Europe nor the United States. I believe the money spent was well worth it and would do it again. There was nothing that I was without or not question not researched and answered no problems with course material and if you are attending a boot camp anywhere or paying for more education, the intent of that business will be rated against you providing your students with the fundamentals as well as the pass rate of your students. That’s the nature of any business. I won?t object to being provided with extra course material to ensure my success, because I have already been talk the fundamentals, have done actual labs and have started to implement this in my production environment. In fact, my attendance here has enabled me to solve 2 production problems that I was not able to solve in my work environment and Microsoft engineers couldn?t assist as well. So I guess this post will be much more understood and respected if you actually know the intelligence and experience of the people attending and replying back. If there is any issue that I would have had a problem with I would immediately address and readdress til the problem is eradicated. As far as I?m concerned, I will return back again, not because of just the price, but the location was really nice and I had one of the best instructors I could have asked for. Very knowledgeable and sure of her subject matter information.

          I can?t speak for the other locations, but as for me, the experience in GOA was much more than I expected. Good luck to the rest of you on obtaining your certifications whether at a boot camp or at home. It?s not the deciding factor of where you get your training or how you got it. It?s about do you know what you are doing and can you take that training and apply it to real scenarios. Koenig assisted me in doing just that.

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          Java training in Koenig Solutions GOA

          by sebastien.deltheil ·

          In reply to Information on Koenig-Solutions: Must Read

          I am Sebastien, a french mainframe programmer. I have worked essentially on multi-tiers applications involving Mainframe and Java plattform, and then I’ve been programming either in Cobol or Java.

          Anyway I actually felt the need to enhance my knowledge and my capabilities in Java. This is the reason why I decided to take the formula of Java Training (SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD & SCDJWS) provided by Koenig.

          I may say that so far I am completely and actually satisfied by this experience. Coming in India for the first time, I feared to feel a bit lost in translation, but it’s completely the opposite. Indeed, the Koenig Center is full of international students and living in such an atmosphere is quite emulating.

          Moreover the Koenig staff is devoted to make your journey as enjoyable and efficient as possible, my trainer is extremely competent, helpful and comprehensive as my English is not so good. Thanks to him and a huge amount of work (don’t think taking a course in such an exotic destination will be synonymous of holiday), I passed the SCJP, SCWCD and SCBCD and I’ve been preparing the SCDJWS scheduled in a few days.

          Finally, I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is interested in java programming.

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      Koenig solutions

      by bonge22 ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      hey dude, just from finishing ccna and ccnp there and trust me, Koenig is good at what they do,
      my advise is, for you to choose the one in Delhi since its very multicultural one.
      also another advice, pleae read befor coming coz as u know its a boot camp so time rushes and before u know, ure up for exams, so man, read hard.

      • #3035862

        My experience about Koenig

        by matthias_s ·

        In reply to Koenig solutions

        I was at the Koenig solutions center in Goa this march. I have to say, that overall I was very satisfied and it exceeded my expectations. Yes, they arranged all, the fetch at the airport, the accommodation, etc. I took my MCITP EA certification there. Because of the short time I had, I chose the one-on-one fast track training. I have to say, that my teacher spoke very good English and she really could explain me the things in an easy way. My three weeks weren?t like holiday, because I had to study a lot. But in the end I passed my exam, saw a beautiful country and saved a lot of money. I would definitely come back!.

      • #3038077

        More Info

        by inboise ·

        In reply to Koenig solutions

        I am considering going to Shimla. After your comment I am wondering the benefits vs. Delhi. I will be doing one on one for SharePoint. I have only about 10 days so I thought I would take a couple to see something before I come back to the sandbox. Can you expalin what you meant about you would prefer Delhi? Thanks

      • #2851986


        by ilidio123 ·

        In reply to Koenig solutions

        i would like to thanks Koenig Solution ? Dehradun in special my CCNP instructor Nitin for all support and way that hi taught us to understand Cisco Networt.

        I passed on my CCNA Exam with good score.

        Thanks God

        Nitin you are the man!!!

        I recommended everyone who is interesting to get CCNA Certification to come here in Koenig – Dehradun and choose Nitin as Instructor; you will learn Cisco Network very well and you will NOT fail…

        Good luck??..

        Ilidio Pereira ? Cabinda , Angola

        • #2852659

          ccnp training revie

          by valdemar123 ·

          In reply to koenig

          Nitin is a very competent cisco trainer For your CCNA&CCNP. He is very pacient with the students and teaches in a very easy way which is good.
          Come to Koenig and ask for him to be your trainer and you will confirm what I’m Saying!

          Valdemar Rodrigues

        • #2853143


          by domingos_p ·

          In reply to koenig

          my ccnp instructor ?nitin?is knowledgeable.i did my ccna and ccnp in ddun I recommend all to come to koenig

    • #2875492

      Koenig: False Advertising

      by clairethebear ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      CCIE Lab 2 Takes
      I would like to make it very clear for people considering this course that it is not an end-to-end solution. I consider this course to be falsely advertised at present.
      The advantages provided by this course are firstly your own dedicated rack with full support where software and hardware upgrades or repairs are necessary. I had 3 hardware and one software issue during my 24 days.
      Secondly, a supervisor is present in the room to answer any and all questions. At the time of this review the supervisor had not yet passed, but was knowledgable enough to answer all questions. Thirdly there is the advantage of being extracted from home or work distractions, support calls etc. Being with other CCIE Lab students can also help.

      The disadvantages include the fact that this “course” is self-paced. You are presented with lab Q & A files on arrival and told to start. There are no lectures, only responses to questions. There is no strategy advice unless it is asked for but questions must be very specific. Also, this course is in Delhi only, depending on what your are accustomed to, this may be very difficult. I don’t understand why there is a “2 takes” option. There is no point in planning to fail. The second take is not included so why mention it. Students do not have 24/7 access to equipment, either locally or remotely. We only have access from 8:30am to 6:30pm. But it is not convenient to leave the center later than 5pm as the traffic gets very bad.

      I recommend this course only for those who are very diligent and have little time and lots of money, and have completed at least workbook 1 or plan to split the course in two, with the appropriate amount of time in between to complete the time consuming self paced study.
      Note: no one has ever passed directly from this course.

      I am hoping Koenig will make some changes, if and when they do, I will update this blog.

      CCIE Written

      I am very happy with the written course. My teacher had a clear accent and could explain everything clearly. He could answer any questions I had that were inside the scope of the CCIE Written. I did very well in the exam and gained a lot of knowledge in the process. I had 1-to-1 training, which I would highly recommend as it means you can set the pace. I also had a LAB on which I could check commands and technologies.

      Koenig Premises (Delhi – Building 2)

      The building itself was not as good as I expected, but perhaps I expected too much. Each morning something in the air would sting my eyes (perhaps a cleaning product). It was monsoon season so very hot and humid. Each lab/room has air-conditioning. It broke once but was fixed by the next day. The heat was unbearable so 2 of us left early that day. It wasn’t as clean as it could be because it was an old building. Staff were very helpful and assisted us in any way possible.

      Lunch is a choice between McDonalds, Subway, Dominos and Hakka (Indian). The lunch order system rarely worked, also the internet connection from the centre had frequent outages, (This is very frustrating when you need the CISCO Doc CD).There is also a fridge full of water. There are no snacks but there is a small kiosk right outside.

      • #2862230

        Official Reply from Koenig

        by ujala-koenig ·

        In reply to Koenig: False Advertising

        I am Ujala Bhatia from Koenig Solutions and am stepping in to clarify some of the issues.

        At the outset I have to thank Claire for an honest and detailed feedback about her experience at Koenig. I must admit that there have been issues with Koenig?s CCIE Lab course, but action has been taken based upon feedback received from students (Claire being one of the very helpful ones).

        Following is our detailed response:

        ?I would like to make it very clear for people considering this course that it is not an end-to-end solution. I consider this course to be falsely advertised at

        “End-to-End solution” as advertized on Koenig’s website is not specific to the CCIE Lab course. “End-to-end solution” relates to the travel related services provided by Koenig to make attending training at Koenig convenient and feasible. “End-to-end solution” is mentioned on our home page and not on our CCIE Lab page. We have modified the CCIE Lab webpage to reflect exactly what Koenig offers at present.

        ?The advantages provided by this course are firstly your own dedicated rack with full support where software and hardware upgrades or repairs are necessary?

        We have now added 24X7 lab access and students can access the rack from their Hotel room.

        ?Secondly, a supervisor is present in the room to answer any and all questions. At the time of this review the supervisor had not yet passed, but was knowledgeable enough to answer all questions.?

        Koenig has a CCIE lab instructor, Vidhu Gupta (CCIE No.20933) who passed her CCIE lab exam in her first attempt in 2008. She was on family leave during the period of Claire?s visit. The CCIE lab course has been designed by Vidhu and all CCIE lab instructors are certified to be able to guide and answer all queries of the CCIE lab students.

        ?The disadvantages include the fact that this “course” is self-paced. You are presented with lab Q&A files on arrival and told to start. There are no lectures, only responses to questions. There is no strategy advice unless it is asked for but questions must be very specific.?

        This is a very valid shortcoming which has now been rectified. We have now structured the course with specific days for specific Labs and one hour of lecture every morning.

        Before joining CCIE boot camp candidates are expected to have passed CCIE Written exam and should be conceptually strong to start CCIE lab. Koenig suggests advanced BGP and MPLS training after CCIE Written and before CCIE Lab. As they say, the three most important things you can do to prepare for your Cisco CCIE Lab exam are practice, practice and practice.

        ?Also, this course is in Delhi only, depending on what you are accustomed to, this may be very difficult.

        We have started CCIE R&S lab in other locations of Koenig as well. Recently we have finished CCIE lab training in Dehradun centre and another one is going on.

        ?I don’t understand why there is a “2 takes” option. There is no point in planning to fail.The second take is not included so why mention it.?

        2-take means training 2 times, first time training before the exam and second training if not successful in the exam.

        ?Students do not have 24/7 access to equipment, either locally or remotely. We only have access from 8:30am to 6:30pm. But it is not convenient to leave the center later than 5pm as the traffic gets very bad.?

        Again a very valid criticism and correction has been made with 24X7 access from the hotel room.

        ?No one has ever passed directly from this course.?

        Though this is true, it is also true that we have only recently started offering CCIE Lab and CCIE version 4.0 is tougher than ever. Our students have been very close to a pass in their first attempt and we are confident that they will pass in their 2nd attempt. A few students, who took the lab exam in Bangalore, easily managed the configuration part but failed in OEQ section. Now Cisco has removed the OEQ section form R&S lab. We are confident that we will be able to report successful CCIE Lab students (graduates of Koenig) soon.

        ?I am hoping Koenig will make some changes, if and when they do, I will update this blog.?

        We appreciate Claire?s efforts to help Koenig improve and clarify issues for the online community.

        ?I am very happy with the written course. My teacher had a clear accent and could explain everything clearly. He could answer any questions I had that were inside the scope of the CCIE written. I did very well in the exam and gained a lot of knowledge in the process. I had 1-to-1 training, which I would highly recommend as it means you can set the pace. I also had a LAB on which I could check commands and technologies.?
        Thanks Claire for your appreciation.

        ?Each morning something in the air would sting my eyes (perhaps a cleaning product).?

        Air purifier has been installed in the building.

        ?Each lab/room has air-conditioning. It broke once but was fixed by the next day. The heat was unbearable so 2 of us left early that day.?

        We have a stand by generator for the AC?s. Not sure why Claire faced the problem. Ofcourse we have again refreshed the upkeep of our AC?s and generator.

        ?The lunch order system rarely worked.?

        This has been looked into and corrected.

        ?Also the internet connection from the centre had frequent outages?

        We have since upgraded the internet connection though internet is still slow and unreliable compared to Europe and USA.

        Ujala Bhatia
        Public Relations Officer
        Koenig Solutions

      • #2863520

        Another Update from Koenig

        by ujala-koenig ·

        In reply to Koenig: False Advertising

        Another Update from Koenig

        “Secondly, a supervisor is present in the room to answer any and all questions. At the time of this review the supervisor had not yet passed, but was knowledgable enough to answer all questions. ”

        I am happy to inform all that the mentioned supervisor, Seemab Khan, took the CCIE Lab exam on Oct. 8th in Bangalore and he passed the exam. His CCIE # is 27138 .

        Ujala Bhatia
        Public Relation officer
        Koenig Solutions

    • #2875491

      Other Koenig course reviews

      by clairethebear ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      Please listen to the following interviews with Koening students:

      Find the one most relevant to you.

      I hope this helps.

    • #2862802

      Koenig Review

      by ud 12 ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      My training in Koenig will remain a memorable one!!Koenig solutions is a Unique place,very hospitable,good facility, with a conducive learning environment.Koenig solutions is blessed with quality professionals as trainers in different fields.A big thumbs up to my CCNA and CCNP trainers who has erased my fears of not making it.In less than a month,i am confident to work on my own with little supervision.Koenig is recommended to any one who wants to aspire in the networking world.

      • #2867119

        koenig review

        by nickbridgeman ·

        In reply to Koenig Review

        After deciding that it was time to study for my CCNP certification, the most cost effective way to receive the training with through Koenig-Solutions based in India. In November ’10 I travelled to Dehradun to attend the updated CCNP course.

        My trainer was very knowledgeable employee who was very determined to see me pass of all of exams. He covered the course content at a steady pace and focused on any topics of significance or topics which I needed explaining again. Any questions that I asked were answered thoroughly and he was extremely helpful and efficient at helping me troubleshoot complex lab scenarios. I passed all modules(ROUTE,SWITCH,TSHOOT) first time which is indicative of the calibre of training delivered.


        • #2877236

          koenig review

          by rafirafee ·

          In reply to koenig review

          I passed my my CCNP route with good marks yesterday.thanks to my trainer. I got good knowludge and the trainig was good I recommend others to come here …

          rafi rafee

    • #2889017

      koenig review

      by mikail2 ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      hello i passed my ccnp route exam now off for tshoot.the lab setup and training is trainer is a skilful trainer that knows exactly what he is doing. Apart from the fact that he maintains a high profile in Cisco career certifications, he also knows how to impact the knowledge in a way that will have a maximum and lasting benefit to the students.

      From: Farinde Mukaila (CCNP Class 25th Jan – 12th Feb 2011)

    • #2889844

      Benifits Vs disadvantage of koenig traing and places

      by samir@2011 ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      I???m planning to be in training in Koenig solution centre but, I don???t know the benefits??? of Vs disadvantage of having the training in Delhi, Shimla, Goa and Dehradun.
      Thanks for advising me. I would like to know if the centre is serious??? and what precaution to take into account if any while I???m in India??? any advice will be welcome.

      Thanks for your help!

      • #2890992

        hey there

        by avinkush ·

        In reply to Benifits Vs disadvantage of koenig traing and places

        advise for u, do go for koenig solution i just completed my CEH and ECSA-LPT
        and trust me it was the best place to pursue my certification. I was in shimla, n i would suggest u shimla as its calm n quite place to be and the staff are just too good, apartment they provide is well equipped with wifi connection and they provide with everything u need n trainer have well knowledge in there field.
        also it depends on u that if ur a serious learner then i would suggest u shimla or else they have got other exotic places specially goa (every night would b ur best hangover night) the craziest place in India.
        good luck and all the best.

      • #2809353

        Experiences at Koenig Solutions Nov 2010

        by lilpenguinlost ·

        In reply to Benifits Vs disadvantage of koenig traing and places

        I did 2 courses in SQL Server 2008 in Nov 2010 at the Delhi centre.
        I stayed at the Koenig Inn.
        Here is a summary of mine own experiences as well as people I spoke to:

        Delhi – fly to Delhi International Airport and be picked up from there (about 30 mins to accomodation)
        Dehradun – fly to Delhi International Airport then choice of train (6 hours – someone from Koenig puts you on the train) or air (1 hour)
        Shimla – fly to Delhi International Airport then choice of train (12 hours – someone from Koenig puts you on the train) or air (90 mins)
        Goa – fly to Goa International Airport and be picked up from there

        Had my own room with en-suite bathroom – shower, sink, western toilet
        Hot running water only during the mornings, evenings and all day Sunday
        They provide towels
        Table, desk, wardrobe, mini fridge
        Double bed with comfortable mattress
        2 fans (large room)
        air conditioning unit
        Safe inside of wardrobe
        LCD TV – only about 5 English stations
        Free WiFi – security details given when you check in

        Ask reception for a laundry bag (large white plastic bag)
        Write your room number on the side of the bag(s) and give them to reception – usually its done by the end of the day

        The dining area of the hotel had a fridge filled with bottled water – just take it when you need it (there will be a similar fridge at the training centre)
        Breakfast served at the hotel from 6:30am to 8:30am
        Dinner server at the hotel from 7pm to 9pm
        Lunch ordered via their online service, delivered in the dining area (basement) at 1pm
        If you’re going to the Delhi centre, I highly recommend using the Haldirams restaurant next door – its much cheaper, portion sizes are bigger and Koenig gives a refund for any lunch money not used

        2 morning buses: 8am and 8:10am
        2 evening buses: 4pm and 5pm (and 5:30pm if you stay in the apartments)
        Travel outside these times will cost you about Rs350 – all transportation is done by Koenig

        Unless multiple people have been sent by your company to do the same course, you will be in a class by yourself.
        The difference between 1-on-1 regular/fast track and the usual regular/fast track is that you can choose which day you begin – so if you are flexible with Koenig’s date, you can make a huge saving here
        Start at 9am
        Lunch is at 1am
        End at 5pm
        Pace of the classes is down to you. Your faculty will tell you everything that needs to be covered to pass the exam. Even on regular track, there isnt enough time to cover everything. Best thing is to skim/skip over topics you know well and concentrate on topics you are weak on / never covered.

        They give you a copy of each book required for the courses you are taking
        They give you notes books
        They give you the relevant training content

        Saturday night/Sunday will be the only time you really have to relax (as Koenig operates 6 days a week)
        Talking to people in your accomodation is the best way to know the best places to go. People arrive every day, people leave every day. Some people are there for a week, some people have been there for the last few months.
        People often arrange outings for Saturday night Sunday during meal times during the week.

        2 passport photos – Koenig didnt mention it anywhere in their documentation, but they demanded them on the day
        Mosquito repellant – hardly any in the hotel, but you might get eaten alive if you venture out in the evening
        Ear plugs – depending on time of year, festivals etc, these can be a life saver
        Get plenty of sleep each day – with 6hrs+ learning every day, you will need it

        Overall I am glad I went and wish I could have done more courses, but time was tight for me.
        If you have any problems about anything, just talk to the centre manager and they’ll sort it out for you.

    • #2890971

      Good Training, Good Price

      by al_msah ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      dear, I’ve been there, i got Oracle Solaris 10 training. it is good and people there are very friendly, besides you’ll get a good training including the exam for low price.

    • #2809337

      Reply to Benifits Vs Disadvantages of training at Koenig Solutions.

      by lloyd bathurst ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions


      I visited Koenig at the end of last year between November 21st & December 11th. It was a fantastic experiance. I would definatly recommend Koenig to anyone who wants to gain IT Certifications.

      From the moment i contacted them to arrange my visit they bent over backwards to help. I had to re-arrange my dates several times due to my Visa application being held up but they were very helpful. I had 1 0n 1 training that worked out great for me as i completed my 2 origional courses, (Network + & MCDST), quicker than expected an was able to arrange to complete my MCTS windows 7 & Security + before travelling home. They really did do everything to ensure I was able to fit in my extra certifications that made the trip out to India even more worth while.

      The appartment I stayed in was great. Nice and quiet. The food was always cooked fresh each day by our friendly care taker. If there were any problems in the morning, (light bulb not working ect..) they were sorted by the time i got back from training in the afternoon.

      The centre management & staff were all very approachable. I needed a usb stick and asked the centre manager about getting one. The next morning it was brought over to me at the lab where i was studying.

      All of the drivers were very helpful and always arrived to pick us up on time. The other students in my appartment were great. I am still in contact with them and hope to meet with them again in the future.

      I am planning a return trip to Koenig later this year to complete my MCSE and hopefully do a CISCO exam, maybe CCNA.

      I was studying with a company in the UK but they gave me so much hassel and it was taking so long and so much money that i deceided to travel to Koenig. The price including my flights, spending money, all food and accomidation + travel to and from the centre was far les that what i have already paid out in the UK and i achieved a great deal more!!! If that is not real value for money then i do not know what is.

      The weather, while i was out there, was fine. Very mild. I do not know how their summer is but all of the rooms and labs had air conditioning and mosquito repelants in them and as i spent all my time either in the centre training or in my appartment studying i think that the summer would not be too much of a problem.

      The trainers were all very knowledgable. They knew where i needed more work and coincerntrated on thoes areas and quickly went over the areas that i already knew. This is what allowed me to do my extra certifications in the same amount of time. I would definatly go 1 on 1 again as if i were in a class i would have had to go at a slower pace and would not have had the spare days at the end of my course for my extra exams.

      The only disavantage, which is nothing to do with Koenig, is that i was away from my wife and family but the time went quickly and i was back home before i knew it.

      Anyone thinking about an IT certification course should definatly give Koenig some serious consideration. I can think of a lost worse ways to spend my money than investing in a course with Koenig.

      • #2894372

        Reply to Benifits Vs Disadvantages of training at Koenig Solutions

        by sadrachcosta ·

        In reply to Reply to Benifits Vs Disadvantages of training at Koenig Solutions.

        Hi all,
        Before i decided to go to Delhi at Koenig to attend the training i was thinking to much due my wife and my kids and it was being hardly for me to study at home i talk to my wife regarding my professional goals, and she finally agreed with me then i went to koenig to attend the course…i have found out that the best way to focus on the your professional goals is to study out of family, friends, etc…at the koenig center they make everything for you and you just worry with study, there are no stress, noise, borred…they are example for the world in term of organization.

    • #2894373


      by sadrachcosta ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      Hi All,
      I was at Koenig two weeks ago and my experience at Koenig Solutions in was actually very good and I enjoyed it very much my teacher had a very good understanding of routing and switching he explain me every things in details very deep and was very easy to understand and he was also a very skillful and knows exactly what he is doing and what I need to successful pass in all Exam and being a Master in Network Field as well, really the Fast-Track was very effective for me and especially the practical approach and share the experience with my teacherThe Fast-Track was very effective to me and especially the practical approach I liked even more and share my experience with my teacher.
      My final advice for all professional or non-professional is to go to Koenig and there you will see that the best place to study is at Koenig, believe me people.

      Best Regards

    • #2844278

      Good but not the best

      by macalga ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      Nov & dec 2010, i join koenig in dehradun for oracle dba ocp and rac expert.
      It was a good experience !
      Teacher was pro but no time to make the pratices !!! Be carreful.
      You need it if you have no experience.
      The virtual machine was not operational and we have installed linux and oracle on a new and poweful pc.
      I pass all the exams and I have my certifications.
      That’s good.

    • #2844978

      Solaris 10 System Administration Course

      by gramos ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      Most of the discussion here has been database stuff or Cisco. Has anyone taken the Solaris 10 System Administration course? Thanks.

    • #2844675

      Re: My experiences at Koenig

      by billcasti ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      I went to the Koenig center in Goa in January for a month of courses–2 refreshers w/o certifications + Project+ and Security+. I stayed at their apartment. For my money, about US$3.5K for 4 weeks (and it was MY money, not the UK dole or employer-reimbursed funds), it’s a fabulous deal! All my courses were 1-on-1 tutorials with a vendor-certified instructor, all materials were official from the vendors (Cisco, RedHat, Oracle, CompTIA, etc.), the room was nice and the food–while not gourmet, was edible. Lunches were delivery from a selection of 7-8 local restaurants, including Domino’s. Also had time between courses to explore the lovely former Portugeuse colonial town of Goa, check out the beaches and go to the tailor for custom lined suits and shirts (4 suits, 10 silk shirts for less than US$1100!). The only difference in the various Koenig locations is the locations. Shimla is in the lower Himalayas and might be lovely in the summer and fall. They bring the available instructors to whatever center you want to take the courses, regardless of where they are normally based. I have nothing bad to say about Koenig. They have some of the friendliest, most competent instructors and staff anywhere I’ve ever attended professional certification classes, and at a fraction of the cost!

    • #2844672

      My experiences at Koenig 2

      by billcasti ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      I took pics of the facilities and area when I was at Koenig in Goa from January 1-30, 2011. You can access them at .

    • #2896117


      by oaksgoal ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      I left Koenig just last week and I already feel like going back. All the staff there (drivers, front desk, trainers, caretakers and other management staff) are in tune and working together to give you cause to be happy with them. You feel like they all seem to be personally responsible for you. My colleague and I registered for MCITP-ENTERPRISE ADMINISTRATOR WINDOWS SERVER 2008 R2 and it was 1-on-2. We shared the same apartment with an Isreali. It was a great experience and we enjoyed the training and the facilities. I would recommend any serious person wanting to pursue IT professional course to go to Koenig Solutions. Their rates are incredibly low and is tailored to meet your needs.

    • #2440558

      any recent feed back from Koenig student?

      by geiyer71 ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions


      I have posted my request from students who have already taken cisco voice training from Koenig but I can’t find. something went wrong.
      So I want to put my post again to ask other student who recently took any voice training at Koenig.
      I plan to take a long journey for about 3 months to take all the voice classes.
      I will appreciate any comment or tips for this journey.
      I plan to go to India in the end of Feb, 2012.
      Thanks in advance.

    • #2439054

      Try watching the koenig-solutions student videos … but notice.

      by allisgoodandok ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      Here is another mail that might get buried and not produced by koenig or affiliated.

      Please notice a few things.

      Please notice on the video-reviews on the net and youtube. Notice that the koenig-solution instructors never say anything, besides for “Hello”, “Yes, my name is so-and-so.” They smile. And they’re fine.

      But if they, and not the European student with fluent English, did the talking their poor English would become apparent.

      The videos are often presented by positive minded european students in comprehensible english, under the auspices of Koenig.

      The instructors often know the labs in-and-out by heart. Literally. But any bright programmer can him/herself go through material, rather than listen to someone parrot the slides in incomprehensible english. In the couple times i was at koenig, i became good friends with both instructors. They did their own thing surfing or reading, and i more or less went through the material myself. Next time i’m comming with a laptop and empty harddisk and have them install the course-ware on it. So i am not limited to comming to the training center (except for paying the fees and the exam). CISCO courses might not be able to do this, since other hardware is necessary. But this idea is great for Java and Microsoft stufff.

      The second thing to notice on the many positive videos (they seem spontaneous but they are sponsored by Koenig), is that you will never see a class of students. I mean a real class. With at least 5 to 12 students. The instruction is in %98 of the cases allways one-on-one. I was there twice (in Delhi), and never saw a “class” with more than one student. It is only on the positive koenig sponsored videos (on youtube for example) from Shimla and Goa that i’ve noticed that sometimes there might be two in a class (perhaps friends who travel together, i suppose). So the fact that the koenig-solutions website features three tracks, regular track and the two others with one-on-one training (fast track and super fast track), is misleading. They last two might be shorter, than “regular track”, but regular track invariably turns out always to be one-on-one. Watch the videos yourselves. The “class” might have a student. Nearly never students.

      So the 3 track story is a bit scammy. Expect Regular Track to be only you and your instructor (who is often incomprehensible :-)). The paradox is that you might actually really like to have an additional student or more in the class, so you would have the option of forming a work group instead having to go through the material alone.

      There was an additional post on this thread that mentioned brain-dumps. It goes on at Koenig, Koenig instructors descretely provide a brain dumps for the exam (pass4sure and others) upon request,. But it is not the official policy of Koenig, since it undermines the entire point of both offering and (for the student) taking the certification.

      Use material. (1) They wont be the same questions as on the exams (with brain dumps they often are so) (2) Transcender exams are often harder than the real exam (or brain dumps) (3) The answers are well explained and documented with links to online documentation for further study (brain dumps just (more or less) provide the answer)

      Good luck and best wishes to Koenig too!

    • #2437501

      Koenig Sharepoint 2010 Course in Goa.

      by nickem ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      Some of these comments are unfair.I do feel for anyone who had the unfortunate experience of being robbed overseas,like some are saying here.
      Travel insurance and keep your wits about you is all I can say. Its a third world country and you and your wallet stand out like a saw thumb.
      As for the ‘incomprehensible’ accents, I found the Aussie, UK, European students had no issue with the accents.One or two of the Americans had issues…
      One of the students in my group went to do some Networking courses in Bangkok, Thailand. He reported back to our group that the course was inferior to Koenig.
      I did the MS SharePoint 2010 App Dev and Configuring Cert in Oct 2011 in Goa and am planning to go back within 2 weeks to do the other SharePoint Certs.
      Just go.You will be fine.No one in my group had issues.And some of those guys have been to Koenig 5-6 times. I saved a unbelievable amount of money by going their
      and experienced the most amazing food ever. If your not adventurous you can eat in at Koenig whose inhouse cook prepare meals for you. Whilst the inhouse food is good-The food outside will blow your mind.
      PLEASE NOTE: Be aware that Mumbai Airport which is a major Hub in India and is very very small. DO NOT LEAVE that tiny Airport without transport and accommodation booked, once your out your not allowed back in and your at the mercy of Hotel Touts! When transiting through Mumbai, be prepared to take a taxi to the domestic airport (and back when you fly out) – the imaginary free shuttle bus between airports requires hand to hand combat with the locals.
      The Goa school is 2 minute walk from the student accommodation. Apparently (the visiting Dehli based instructors told me) the Dehli school is a 45 minute drive of death from the student accommodation.The students turn up frazzled!! The driving styles in India are remarkable. Some of the students raved about how beautifull Dehradun was.Good Luck.

    • #2434683

      Koenig Solutions training in Delhi

      by rocky4j ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      Hi there,

      I am looking for some advise on whether anyone has trained at Koenig Solutions in Delhi, India. I am looking to do my Cisco CCNP Voice and was looking for some heads up.

      Any feedback would be great.



    • #2903631

      koenig is best

      by mohit tiwari ·

      In reply to koenig-solutions

      If you are looking for any course to do in economical price with excellent quality then koenig is the right place.

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