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    Konica Minolta magicolo 2430DL poor color print quality


    by maryanna ·

    b/w prints fine. Pages that have a lot of color (background color, photos, etc.) have horizontal AND vertial streaks. Horizontal streaks are light and spaced about 2 inches apart; vertical streaks are dark and are very close together. I’ve cleaned the lens and replaces all toner and the drum.

    Any other suggestions?

    We are a small theater company and rely on the printer to do in-house color printing of programs, marketing pieces, etc. Can’t afford to buy another. HELP!! Thanks

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      by maryanna ·

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      OK the very first thing is you

      by oh smeg ·

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      Have the wrong device for this application you really need a color photocopier for this work as they work more reliably and last longer with a cheaper per page output and are faster as well.

      But as you already have this device and are willing to continue to use it and it’s old it needs a full service by the Maker to bring it back to full working order. Depending on where it is located this may involve sending it away for Service.

      As you have done the normal things to no avail and Drums are anything but cheap you need to look at the Toner Pickup as a potential issue. Of course the new Drum could be shot and you can not test this in any way but try another one. What color are the stripes BTW?

      If they are streaks of the same color it isn’t getting deposited onto the page correctly or it is getting smudged before going through the Fusser a good clean out is a starting point but as so much work has already been done here I’m assuming that ti would have been cleaned when the Drum was replaced.

      Also look at Belts and plastic strips through the device as well as the rollers. The Rubber Rollers need replacing regularly and the plastic strips tear and cause problems. While most of these would be connected with Paper Handling with machines like this anything is possible so everything needs checking. Finally if the unit is Mechanically OK you need to look at the Electronics and this really isn’t something that is possible to repair On Site by a Unqualified person.


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        by maryanna ·

        In reply to OK the very first thing is you

        I ran some diagnostic pages. b/w prints fine; yellow prints fine; blue has thin, darker blue vertical stripes the length of the page; magenta has horizontal burned out looking spots on both side margins. Could I have 2 defective cartridges? I contacted the company from whom I bought the cartridges, they are replacing both ASAP. Guess we’ll see how that goes.

        Re: device. We received a small (under $1,500) technology grant a couple years ago, with which we had to buy a notebook computer, a color printer and software. It was the best we could get for the money we were given, and there is no money in the budget to replace it. 🙁 Small arts organizations are poor!!

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          Could be the Toner Carts

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Thanks…

          I would try some replacement ones as it is possible that they are faulty. Have you got any old ones that you could throw back in to see what happens?

          If not I guess that you’ll have to wait for some replacement ones to arrive. If there where not problems prior to the toner being replaced or the problem that you had was attributable to something replaced like the Drum that would be my first option particularly if they are refills. According the the Authorities you are only supposed to refill a Toner Cart twice and then use new ones. So if the Cart has been refilled that is a very big possibility.

          As for the hardware I know exactly what you go through I just loved botching things together to comply with the budget. The best one though was a Multi Meter that I had to fight tooth and nail for and then on the very first day that I had it the Boss came down to the workshop while I was out for lunch [i]his description of a Service Call[/i] and placed the probes into the mains on a low resistance range and powered up. Apparently it exploded in his hand so he considered this as Dangerous. But the best part was I was brought in there to repair electronics and he expected me to repair what he destroyed. 😀

          Only trouble was I needed a Multimeter to repair the blown Multimeter. So much for them supplying all my tools, I only had waited 18 months for the first one and was tired of guessing what I needed to solder on. Even the soldering Iron provided was suitable for a Plumber and not for electronics but to them a soldering Iron is a Soldering Iron so what’s the problem? :^0

          After I started a couple of fires in the workshop the management relented and I got the Electronics Soldering Iron but no money for disposables so I had to skimp on Solder and tips till the next budget came around and somehow wring the necessary funds to keep the tools working. They drove me nuts as I couldn’t buy a 2 cent piece of something but if I wanted to give away a $300.00 part that was perfectly acceptable.

          Even the work I was originally hired to do involved fitting a 5 cent part to a circuit board that was then sold as a reco for $100.00 but I couldn’t have the solder to fit the 5 cent part and there was always a cry for these reco units. In the end I had to get the customers to bring their own solder and when the boss heard about that I got the solder. It only cost something like $2.00 back then and lasted for several years. Some people are too stupid to be helped and that was a perfect example of saving 2 cents to waste several thousand $ and Peeve off the customers. :0

          Lets know how things go.


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