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    Kronos malware exploits Office bug to hijack your bank account


    by Tammy.Cavadias ·


    Kronos, also known as the “father of Zeus,” is a particularly pernicious form of malware which simply will not go away.

    The primary infection vector is phishing campaigns and fraudulent emails, as well as exploit kits such as RIG. The malicious emails contain crafted Microsoft Word documents or RTF attachments with macros that drop and execute obfuscated VB stagers.

    Once executed on a target system, Kronos will attempt to steal data from a variety of sources. In particular, the malware will modify the Windows registry in order to allow the injection of malicious code into browsers, and so when a bank domain is visited, a man-in-browser attack is performed.

    Kronos will harvest form values from unwitting victims that check their online accounts and may also conduct further keylogging to gain legitimate bank credentials.

    [b][i]Have you found yourself the victim of Kronos? Let us know what happen and how you resolved the issue in the comments below! [/i][/b]

    [b]Read Full ZDNet Article: [/b] [url=””%5D’Father of Zeus’ Kronos malware exploits Office bug to hijack your bank account[/url]

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