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Kubuntu 6.06 LTS

By xstep ·
Is a Disto a distro? Sort of and no. Ubuntu,Kubuntu and Xubuntu are a one disk distro. Your not over loaded with applications you don't need or will never use. However, after setting up the extra repositories I had 18,340 packages available. Install.. what you like!

I like it small and simple. I find it better to build on something then to spend hours uninstalling applications I never wanted.

I choose Kubuntu because I am a KDE fan! But I have also installed Xubuntu (much lighter) on a Laptop. Both are fast and easy installs. The Live CD allows you to do the install right from your live CD desktop.

The Package manager (Adept) is simple and neat. All I had to do was un-comment the Universe-Multiverse repo's and install the needed plug-ins for things like MP3 support. I did have to download and install Flash, Adobe reader, and Sun JRE. All are very easy to install. Oh yeah, I also installed Opera (cuz I love it!).

Kubuntu has to be the easiest and fastest Desktop OS to install. And... everything works!

Although I service MS products, I am a long time Linux user. I remember how hard it was to get a linux desktop up and running. Today's Linux is very easy and everything you need is right there.

If your someone just getting started and new to Linux. Don't start with a 5 CD Distro. Start with 1. Boot up a live CD and see if it works well with your Box or Laptop.

Then come here and give some feed back :)


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What universe do you live in?

by craiglarry In reply to Kubuntu 6.06 LTS

I had vmware virtual setup and working. They sent me update info for Linux 6.06 LTS. Said it would take four hours. It took 4 hours plus 24. No problem I can wait. It completed download and I did install. It gave me no choices, seemed to think I was not even there. The setup vomited out an install that won't load, informed me that it was setup improperly. I'm so sorry I botched it. I don't know why I go braindead every time Linux appears. Gave me link to view setup and correct it. All links are dead. But what me worry? This is how almost everything called Linux works, isn't it? But the "community" doesn't worry either. It's free so why should I complain. Free is really cheap, isn't it? So it doesn't actually need to work, does it?

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Sorry you had that experience

by RknRlKid In reply to What universe do you live ...

I've used three different Ubuntus, two differen Kubuntus, and Xubuntu. I never had a major problem with it. The Ubuntu series (along with Mepis) were the easiest of what I have tried to install. Nothing is perfect though.

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