KVM Mouse prevents PC startup

By tkman28 ·
Hello all.
I have a weird problem with a system.

I have a wired Aopen USB mouse, and a logitech PS2 mouse. I also use a self powered airlink 101 4 port KVM to connect to the computer. The mouse connector at the back of the computer is a ps2 connector. I put an adaptor on the usb mouse and connect this to the PS2.

The KVM works well with several other systems.

If I connect either mouse directly to the back of the computer the system starts.

If I connect either mouse through the KVM the system will not start. The PSU fan does not even turn. The only indication any power is getting to the system is the CD ROM light turns green on the front of the system and stays on.

Anyone have a similar experience?
Any suggestions?

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Wake On Keyboard

by TheChas In reply to KVM Mouse prevents PC sta ...

Does this system have a wake on Keyboard function or option?

If so, the KVM might be drawing enough power from the PS/2 port to shut down the 5 volt standby power that is used by the power on circuit on the motherboard.

You can check this by connecting a volt meter to the 5 volt standby line on the ATX power connector.

If possible, disable the wake on keyboard function and see if that helps.

Otherwise, a different power supply may correct the problem.


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If it was me

by CG IT In reply to KVM Mouse prevents PC sta ...

I'd just use the PS2 mouse.

Until the KVM makers make a switch that uses USB mice and USB keyboards as interfaces for USB mouse and keyboard only computers [like Dell], I'd just use PS2 mice. Some adapters [USB to PS2] can be flakey in their connections so you might end up frustrated because you've lost mouse support because of the adapter.

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