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    KVM out of box support for Linux


    by jaqui ·

    I have just bought a Startech SV411k KVM switch and it functions perfectly out of the box with linux.
    [ so far as I have seen yet ]

    the keyboard and mouse jacks are both ps2
    video is svga

    the switching is a button on the box or through the keyboard*

    but since this is something raised fairly often as an issue, I figured that making sure it was out that this particular one works with linux can help those looking to get a kvm.

    * I haven’t bothered with the keyboard switching, one button on the box is faster than 3 to 6 keystrokes.

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      Another good one for Linux: Linksys SVIEW04

      by techexec2 ·

      In reply to KVM out of box support for Linux

      I’ve been using the Linksys SVIEW04 KVM with Linux and Windows for several years without any problems. Plug it in and it works. This one supports 4 computers, PS/2 ports, and large monitor VGA (I use 1280×1024). Recommended.

      Linksys SVIEW04

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      All KVMs will work with all OS out of the box with the one exception

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to KVM out of box support for Linux

      you often need extra softwrae to make it work from the keyboard and not the buttons. The system and the buttons is hardware level and independent of the OS. But the keyboard activation is an OS level issue.

      I always use the bttons as they’re easier and quicker.

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        the nice thing about the startech

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to All KVMs will work with all OS out of the box with the one exception

        it’s a keystroke sequence control rather than software on the pc control

        [Left Ctrl][Left Ctrl]{1] { not munpad 1 but keyboard 1 }
        to switch to the first pc.
        change the number to get to the other three systems. 1,2,3,4

        the sequence is odd enough to not be a miskey likely sequence, so it shouldn’t interfere with any softwre, and because the kvm itelf has the software for the keyboard control it’s os independant.

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          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to the nice thing about the startech

          I know I shouldn’t be, but I have a fairly permanent bias against KVM’s that use a double ctrl to active that KVm command mode. Goes back to the doom days (ctrl was the Fire key. Don’t know how many times I got killed because of that)

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        As expected, but…

        by techexec2 ·

        In reply to All KVMs will work with all OS out of the box with the one exception

        This was my expectation and experience also. After all, it is a hardware device. But you never know.

        Perhaps Jaqui can clear this up. What is the compatibility problem between KVMs and Linux? Is it just the issue mentioned Ernest mentioned or is it more than that?

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          It’s been

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to As expected, but…

          a common complaint from people new to linux that their kvm doesn’t work.
          most likely because their kvm is wintel driven only, I just figured by posting a consumer model kvm that does work with it, we’ll have a record that can be pointed to that shows what features to look for in buying one.

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        Afraid not…

        by Anonymous ·

        In reply to All KVMs will work with all OS out of the box with the one exception

        I had problems with one of the early raritan 4 port USB models (don’t remember the model, sorry). They claimed it was because I wasn’t using one of the 10 approved keyboards on their HW compatibiliy list, none of which were even available at Staples, Best Buy or CDW. It worked fine with Windows, but not with Linux. There was no software to install, so that was not a factor.

        Actually, if anyone has a good recommendation on a USB based KVM, I’d love to hear it. I am using a little belkin 2-port with now,and it works okay, but every now and again it freaks out. Then I have to reach around and unplug it from the two attached computers to power cycle it.

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          I’m using a Belkin 4 port Omniview and it works

          by deadly ernest ·

          In reply to Afraid not…

          fine, the boxes a re a mix of Linux and Windows – USB, music and VGA. The only trouble I’ve had is that one of the wireless keyboard mouse sets would not work – however that set required manuf drivers to work on any OS. I found the KVMs work best with corded mouse and keyboard.

          I did have a problem with an earlier KVM, sitecom 4 port – PS2 and VGA. You had to have the box selected before it was turned on and into the OS befor you moved away from it. Also if you had to turn off from that box before you shut it down, or the mouse and keyboard would close down until you restarted that box. I think it was to do with the way it managed the PS2 links.

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          Thanks for the info..

          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to I’m using a Belkin 4 port Omniview and it works

          You don’t by chance have the Model handy do you?

          Thanks again.

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          Looking at it says F1DS104U

          by deadly ernest ·

          In reply to Thanks for the info..

          It looks kind of surrealistic, but is neat.

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          Belkin has good support

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Afraid not…

          I had a four port where a few of the ports would not work with the keyboard, after having it for a few years. I called Belkin, the were sorry they don’t have that model, and wondered if it would be all right if they sent me a new one of the current model. I accepted.

          We use ours with Linux/Unix/Windows and NEVER had a problem.

          Now have a four port and an 8 port rack mount. (love that one!) Also have a four port in my office I use for working on multiple systems at a time.

          Call them and they should take care of you about yours going bad.

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      Different peripherals?

      by timandlizh ·

      In reply to KVM out of box support for Linux

      I have a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the keyboard remote is USB. There seem to be very few distros that like my set-up, especially my Samsung Syncmaster lcd monitor. Sax2 or even gedit ‘ing the xorg.conf never works. I use Fedora Core 5, which works perfectly (now I just need to find a repository that actually contains movie player files that work!!!). What kind of peripherals are you using, and does this KVM have USB? Also, how is it powered—does it have its own power or does it use the ps2 for power, as in a passive device? Thanks for the post.

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        nope, this one

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to Different peripherals?

        doesn’t have usb support.
        only the ps2 connections for the keyboard and mouse.
        power is through the ps2 or video ports, unless you buy the optional addon external power supply.

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      This isn’t a problem that I’ve run into either

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to KVM out of box support for Linux

      But then again I don’t play games either so maybe I’m not such a good example either.

      But I’ve been using KVM’s for years since the Com Port days for mice and never had a problem with them working. I’ve used everything from a 2 port PS2 device that switched between the main workstation and gateway up to 16 port Rack Mounts which I love but they are not cheap so I can’t sneak one in at home. 🙁


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