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    Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report


    by quintar51 ·

    Not sure how much people know about this topic, but here goes:

    We have a Kyocera 4035 copier/scanner/fax.

    I am unable to get a confirmation email from the fax when I send something.

    I installed the network fax driver on my pc and I entered my email address there.

    I also verified that the SMTP setting under Fax > Register > Email account is configured with the IP of an SMTP server.

    I downloaded the manual from the site, but it just mentions that
    all I need to do is enter my email address in the driver preferences on my PC.

    I tried finding other resources on Kyocera but haven’t had much luck except this forum.

    **on a side note, is there a way to import my own cover pages instead of using the default ones?

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      Reply To: Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report

      Well I certainly wish you luck with Kyocera. I found it less frustrating in bashing my head against a brick wall when I last dealt with them. It was over a Laser printer with different size paper in the drawers on a brand new Laser Printer. The Head of the Tech Support kept promising to e-mail me a fix immediately and 3 weeks latter when it turned up that meant another 50 K trip to find out that the fix didn’t work and another phone call to get the same thing all over again but this time with a different solution. This happened 5 times and then he suggested that I download a driver from their web site which did cure the problem but that was something like 18 weeks latter and several hundred K driven unnecessarily. What makes it even better is that I didn’t actually supply the printer I was only asked to fix it so that it would select either the A4 or A5 paper that where loaded in the different drawers for the different forms.

      I never did really get any form of real help from their tech support and the company who supplied the printer just left this place to their own devices and forgot about the problem.


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      Reply To: Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report

      by printers ·

      In reply to Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report

      Are you faxing from the 4035 manually or are you sending the fax via the pc fax software if you are sending from the 4035 manually you cannot receive conformation via email.if you are sending it via pc fax sofware you will need to check that you fax defaults in the fax report setting under nw fax tx report is set from condition to on.I work on these machines daily I install kyoceras for a living the can be difficult to set up some times but it because they have highly complex features not available from most other manufactures .on your side note you cant download other cover pages but if you find where the bit map for the templates are stoed you can use microsoft paint to edit it by cutting and pasting a logo onto the template but dont change any of the feild placings ie .numbers and name feild .and dont change the file name or file location

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        Reply To: Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report

        by quintar51 ·

        In reply to Reply To: Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report

        I am faxing from pc fax software, and I have configured the
        NW FAX settings on my PC. I still don’t get any emails.
        Thanks for the help about the cover pages. I’ll give that a try. Do you have any good technical resources I can find online?

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      Reply To: Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report

      by quintar51 ·

      In reply to Kyocera 4035 – Confirmation report

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