Kyocera KM2550 Compact flash micro update

By rovlive ·
hi ,

we got this Kyocera KM2550 printer which has a template inside the compact flash which is on the printer.

so when u print the invoice the micros inside that flash card work as the template and add the company details like logo and address etc.

its working ok but now i need to update those company details.

so thatway to do it is to
find the original template
update in word
then print as .prn file
download printer utility from kyocera
upload through that utility driver straight to the memory card

now that is where i am stuck.

anyone know how this is done?

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Not at all and Kyocera isn't very helpful either

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Kyocera KM2550 Compact fl ...

After dealing with them on more than a few occasions I would suggest ringing their Service Department and getting them to provide you with the information. Their Web Site wasn't very intuitive the last time I looked so I wouldn't fancy your chances of finding the Printer Utility to begin with.

Just a word of warning here Do Not allow the tech to say that they will E-Mail you the Utility as an Attachment it will take ages ask for the Web Address for this item as well as the full directions on how to implement the changes.


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by rovlive In reply to Not at all and Kyocera is ...

all i need is step by step instructions. I downloaded the utility from there website already but there is some sore of coding needs to be done and that's where I am stuck

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Well in that case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to printer

You need to speak to their Technical Support Staff. The last time I had to do this I waited 3 months for them to finally get back to me and I was on to them every second day.

What does the Instruction Manual for this Printer say about setting up this part of the unit? That may be of help.


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by rovlive In reply to Well in that case

called ch support

its 2 process for upload
don't know why they make it so complicated

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For some reason nothing with this crowd is easy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to sorted

I have a Laser printer that was supplied with 2 draws and it took months to get the correct driver to allow different size paper in both draws to be used.

Not bad considering they knew what they where supplying the unit to do and it was a replacmet of an existing unit setup the same way. I think they wanted to charge for a call out to fix what they didn't do right.


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