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Kyocera printer & HP-UX 10.20

By Skidoggeruk ·

We have been blessed with the replacement of all the laser printers throughout the company. Hurrah. (Kyoceras replacing HPs) Except ...

Somehow, think it was a sales rep, users have got the impression that they will be able to pull paper from different trays when they
print from Unix to the new FS-3820N. Hmmmm. Well, dealer rep has sent an email saying just set up a new print queue pointing to **01.
OK. Couple things, I can't seem to be able to do this through JetAdmin or SAM. I have set up queues printing to jetdirect as if port2 (**01) but this has failed to operate. Oh yeah, Kyocera don't seem to provide any Unix drivers for their print servers. Am thinking that I will be needing to set this up in some other format.
LPD/LPR? Rang Kyocera here and they were not much help. I am finding this pretty irritating just so users don't have to get up to change
paper, but I always feel the need to go on these voyages of discovery. Hopefully, somebody out there could help me on my journey.

I have been supporting various flavors of Unix throughout the company for awhile now, but not to any great depths. I know that HP-UX 10.20 is now obsolete and appreciate any assistance.

Thanks, in advance for any advice


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by Black Panther In reply to Kyocera printer & HP-UX 1 ...

Not sure if you have already tried any of this....

Do you have a manual for the Kyocera that explains the Escape Sequences the printer uses and what emulation it uses.

Their may be an escape code for printing to different trays ie the HP Laserjet II uses

E&l1H for example to print to tray 2 in the printcap file in Unix. You may need to setup another Unix printcap for tray 2 and use that in the printers file ie

wh-sp2400land, type=laser-landscape2, sysname=jd254, no-form-type,no_ff

the princap file

# Print from tray 2
laser-landscape2|Hewlett-Packard LaserJet series II (landscape),
und=\E&dD, und0=\E&d@, bold=\E(s3B, bold0=\E(s0B,
dim=\E(-3B, dim0=\E(0B, italic=\E(s1S, italic0=\E(s0S,

hope this is of some help!!

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to


Have still not got round to this, as you can imagine, not super high on the priority monitor.

Thanks anyway, will give it a shot at some point.

Happy Holidays


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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Kyocera printer & HP-UX 1 ...

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, printers are a couple hundred miles away, will need to look this stuff out and give it a whirl. You make it sound easy. Ha. Thanks Again. Bk

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Kyocera printer & HP-UX 1 ...

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