Label addresses not lining up

By liz7 ·
In a WORD 07 letter, I go to MAILINGS, LABELS. Choose my custom label; single label; row/col. Print. The Address (which is lined up on the letter) prints with the city line about 6 spaces to the right of the rest of the address. It looks fine on screen. If I create a totally new address in a WORD doc: same thing. The lines are fine on screen: but on the label, no. It USED to work sometimes, and sometimes give trouble. NO PROBLEMS w WORD 03, OF COURSE. What is happening - and how to prevent please? The address itself on the letter has no funny formatting or spacing.

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What printer are you using?

by robo_dev In reply to Label addresses not linin ...

The alignment of the labels could be wrong if the printer driver selected is not the correct one for the printer you are using.

Sometimes an updated printer driver may help.

It may be helpful to use the fonts that are native to the printer, versus the true-type fonts that are part of windows. When you select a font, it will either say "this is a true-type font..." or "this is a scalable printer font....".

The bottom line is to fiddle around and try true-type versus printer may work better than others.

Another possibility is that your true-type fonts are all hosed and need to be reinstalled.

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Our tech guy installed drivers

by liz7 In reply to What printer are you usin ...

How to install fonts please?
All fonts in WORD 07 (on my machine) are true type. Printer is Xerox phaser 8560. Thanks.

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Have you called the Tech Guy?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Our tech guy installed dr ...

Perhaps he/she didn't install the printer correctly.

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