LaCie 320GB usb problem

By malekos_spiros ·
I have windows vista business with 32-bit operating system and i have just bought an external LaCie desktop hard disk of 320 Gb. As i plugged it on my pc it says:1) locate and install driver software, 2) ask me again later and 3) dont show this message again for this device. it should be plug and play but i do not know how to install it and i cannot see it in my computer...? what should i do??? pls help me!!!

spiros malekos

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I assume some things

by tintoman In reply to LaCie 320GB usb problem

For example that you tried the option to install it? if you didn't I suggest you do so.
It might be that the disk has never been initialised so plug it in, go to control panel and administrative tools, select computer management and then disc management, if you disk is in list you can initialise and format it there
Then it will appear in the computer window

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LaCie 320GB usb problem

by malekos_spiros In reply to I assume some things

first of all thnks for replying to my problem. i ve tried to install it but it is asking me for drivers.i went to the disk management but it is not there... what should i do?

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I looked at the lacie site

by tintoman In reply to LaCie 320GB usb problem

and it clearly says there that this drive should work in vista, xp and win 2000 without installing drivers
Therefore it should be showing up as an unknown drive in disk manager with a red "no entry" sign on it.
If it does not show up there I would suggest that you try it in a different usb port on your machine, and if that fails, try it on another machine to see if it is working properly

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i did but...

by malekos_spiros In reply to I looked at the lacie sit ...

i have tried it on another machine and it is working perfect.when i plug it on my pc (windows vista business) it is under a category in "other devices" and it's picture is yellow with a question mark. the problem is that it was working after many hours of trying and now it stopped.

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Different USB port

by jmorris In reply to i did but...

Hi there,
as one of the other replys pointed out, I had a similar problem with a similar lacie drive. It did work for me when I plugged it into the USB ports in the back of the PC.

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by malekos_spiros In reply to Different USB port

i ve tried it on both usb's that i have on my laptop and i just cannot see it on "my computer"

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