Lacie Porsche firewire not recognising in Vista 32bit, DellXPS420

By Bhavesh_chauhan05 ·
Hi, I recently bought a brand new Dell XPS420, along with an external Lacie Porsche Firewire/USB Hard Drive.

When I try to connect via the Firewire, the computer does not recognise it all, but when i use the USB, it works perfectly. I tried the same HDD on my Mac too, and it worked perfectly on both firewire and USB.

I have downloaded new drivers from the Lacie website, and also re-installed my motherboard drivers too, but with no joy.

Does anyone have the same problem, or knows how to solve this problem, much appreciated!

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OK I can not find your product on the Lacie site quickly but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Lacie Porsche firewire no ...

As Vista doesn't have Firewire Support Natively you need to install Firewire drivers. As the drive is working on USB it's obviously a Driver Issue so look at the Firewire Drivers that you have.


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Hey OH Smeg, Thanks loads for your reply

by Bhavesh_chauhan05 In reply to OK I can not find your pr ...

I phoned Dell tech help regarding this problem, but there are no specific drivers for the firewire cards, only that of the motherboard, which i re-installed. When I check the cards in device manager, they all seem to be working fine, and have even searched for driver upgrades through there. It all seems to be ok through device manager, but obviously its not!

The wierd thing is that my DV camcorder firewire connection works perfectly, but not the Lacie hard drive.

Lacie claim that their hard drives are vista ready also - i'm not so sure.

Even the Dell tech help was baffled why.

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Well the idea is that Firewire should be as easy as USB to use

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hey OH Smeg, Thanks loads ...

After all Apple developed both systems but as Firewire is new to PC's there may still be a few teething troubles involved.


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