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    Lack of motivation in selection IT specific domain and completing Project


    by zuby_g ·

    Hello to all, I wanted to share my problem with you guys.
    I have done my graduation in Computer Science and Software Engineer last year. During studies, I always have done my all programming assignments and projects by myself alone. After graduation, I was confused in selecting any field in computer science for doing MS in CS. I started study different programming tool like .Net C#, Java (ICE faces, JSP, JSF), Android and Unity Frame work for game development about 2 to 3 months each. Unfortunately I did not complete any project in any of these. In start of studying all these technologies I was very motivated and when there is a time to make any project, I step back. I don`t know, either this is because of, I start any project alone and due to less amount of knowledge or fear of not able to complete the project I did not able to do so and finish the project before starting ? .
    I am also confused in which field should I need to dedicatedly work and develop projects? How to make my interest and maintain motivation from starting to end of the project?
    You are the professionals of IT fields. Hope you people give me a good piece of advice and solve my confusion.
    Thanks a lot.

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