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By hellrace ·
Hi all, thanks in advance for ya help.

I am currently using an Acer 4152LMi, with 512MB DDR2 shared ram. I'm experiencing severe lagging of my system when files are open, with mouse pointers being jerky, and minimizing/maximizing of windows being jerky as well. Also, i can't play video files properly, even when i have no open programs, the playback of the videofile is jerky and laggy.

I'm using FreeRAM XP Pro to monitor my ram, and i usually have around 50-60% free ram.

I've Spybot and Lavasoft ad-aware installed, as well as AVG Free edition. I've run all three programs numerous times both in normal and safe mode, and they've not picked up anything malicious. My HDD has been defragmented, and i ran scandisk too. Also, i've tried to use system restore, but it is always unsuccessful.

I've already formatted my HDD once, and re installed windows XP, but the lagginess seems to return even after reinstalling windows XP. Even ntuning with System Mechanic 6 doesn't seem to remove the lagginess.

Some additional stats of my CPU:
Intel Pentium M 740 Processor
(2MB L2 cache, 1.73GHz, 533MHz FSB)
128MB Nvidia GeForce Go 6200 w/TurboCache Tech

Would appreciate help asap. Thanks!

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by hellrace In reply to Lagging Computer

In addition, i am running Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Lagging Computer

Have you installed the chipset software in XP? I ran into issues with intel chipsets before with out this software. It should be available for download on the motherboard mfr's website. Also check to see if the DMA settings on the hdd is set to DMA if available not PIO. HTH.

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by DugaDugDug In reply to Lagging Computer

RE: Lagging Computer

Does your hard drive still 'thrash' when this occurs? Do you have your pagefile set manually or are you letting Windows manage it? If you are letting Windows manage it, I suggest you set it manually (set max and min to 1.5 - 2.0 times the amount of your physical RAM)

Also, Open up Task Manager and see if there is a process hogging the resources. E.g. Look at Mem Usage as well as CPU Time (View...Select columns...CPU Time)

What errors are you getting in your logs, e.g. open Event Viewer and take a look at the logs, when these issues occur?

Lastly, have you tried updating/reinstalling the video driver?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Lagging Computer

Have you run any Hardware Diagnostics on the system?

At the very least you should check your HDD with the makers test utility to see if it's still working correctly.

As Acer should have supplied a Restore CD with the correct drivers on it you shouldn't have a problem with the correct Chip Set Drivers being installed unless you are not using the correct Restore CD to perform the installation or you where supplied the incorrect Restore CD.

If you have everything right then download The Ultimate Boot CD from

And boot off the CD and run some diagnostics on your system to find out if there is a Hardware problem. Note here there are CPU & M'Board Burn In Utilities on this CD and they are open ended so you can leave them running for weeks if you like to do an Extreme Test on the Hardware involved but generally speaking any problems will surface well before then.

The other thing to check is the Temp that the CPU is reaching and to what extent it is being throttled back to prevent overheating if the NB isn't sitting on a hard surface it's possible that something can be blocking the air intakes to cool the CPU and causing this problem. You should also check in the BIOS to see at what Temp the CPU cuts back on its Duty Cycle and to what extent as this could be an issue as well if the temp is set too low or the duty Cycle reduction reduced too much.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Lagging Computer

does this problem occur in safe mode and/or safe mode with networking. do you ever have periods where the problem goes away or once it occurs, does it stay the same or get progressively worse?
exactly what kind of video files, i wonder?
did this occur after a windows update? is your video driver and direct x up to date? and video bios?
did you try diddling video accelleration
how does device manager look?
did you peek in event log
does problem occur when you are 'off' internet, ie unplugged?

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by hellrace In reply to Lagging Computer

hey cm5400, yup my HDD is running on DMA, and i've installed the Intel chipset.

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by hellrace In reply to Lagging Computer

hi, what do you mean by "thrash"?

Also, pagefile was configured by windows, but i set it to run individually now.

In task manager, majority of time is hogged by system idle processes, and CPU usage is unsually high, usually hovering around the sub 10%, but shoots up to almost 100% when i try to open or utilize an application. Majority of memory usages seems to be going to svchost, MsMpEng.exe, EvtEng.exe.

Also, i've updated my video drivers.

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by XT John In reply to Lagging Computer

When did the problem first become noticable? after installing a new piece of hardware or software, perhaps? If so, see if the manufacturer has new drivers. Check to see what items are running in the background. Did you run msconfig.exe to see what's loading at startup?

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by hellrace In reply to Lagging Computer

hey Hal........

hardware diagnostics as in? i've downloaded TUBC and run some basic ram and HDD tests, all came out fine without errors. I didn't use the restore CDs, but instead i cleanly installed XP and downloaded all my drivers from the Acer website.

Any idea how i can check the temp of the CPU? Thanks...

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by hellrace In reply to Lagging Computer

hey shultz, it occurs in safe mode too. nope, the problem stays, and doesn't really get progressively worse.

I play a pretty wide range of video files, mostly movies. The problem came when i terminated my Windows Media player when it hung while playing a movie...and yup, running Direct X 9. Graphics card looks up to date, how do i check for video driver and bios?

Device manager has no errors. Event log doesn't really have errors too, only errors noted was a cdrom error when i tried to install my MSoffice and it returned an error saying it couldn't read from the disk.

The prob is still there even if i am off the Internet...frustrating.

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