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@LalaReads: your comment (directly above) on the reasons NOT to

By LalaReads ·
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Ah yes, I see what you mean

by LalaReads In reply to @LalaReads: your comment ...

I didn't follow my point all the way through. The points I made discourage both sexes, though tend to discourage women even more than men. As I'm reading all the comments and thinking about it more, I'm finding myself moving away from the lack of women in IT issue as it is presented in this article and thread. It's not that I don't think it's an issue, rather than I'm seeing it more of a symptom of a larger issue and not THE issue in and of itself.

That is the problem with these short articles. They pick a bite sized topic and some agree, others don't and most don't really think why they feel so strongly one way or another. The problem as I see it is that each issue is discussed out of context, but the alternative is to have large unwieldy articles, which no one would have the time to read.

Now I'm trying to decide whether to clarify further. At this point though I imagine that general interest in the topic has moved on and I will either be beating a dead horse or trolling, lol.

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Right, and right!

by hippiekarl In reply to Ah yes, I see what you me ...

About 'these short articles' (that *engender*--almost a pun, huh?!--discussions on one aspect or symptom of a larger, more dynamic system or condition as though the aspect under discussion existed alone, outside its natural context). That seems to be pretty much how it rolls here. If you choose to refer to the bigger picture, or aspects beyond the blog's narrow frame, the runaway train of 'hot-button responses' to the issue-ette du jour will leave your more-interesting and considered view on a siding such as this ie when you end up at the Water Cooler (TR's purgatory of ideas) with someone like me, the 'topic'--in its original state--has indeed moved on. Right again.
Thanks for going after the larger, actual, circumstance in this thread (education, the prevailing culture's 'unifying metaphors', OBN expectations, parentally-instilled gender-expectations...)! We're 'peripheral visionaries': we can see the rest of the picture out of the corners of our eyes......

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