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Lame "deals" for Christmas 2009

By DarkWhiteChocolate ·
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I for one am tired of hearing about all the great deals that are being offered. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 72 Hour this and one day only that.

The fact of the matter is the so called deals of 2009 are just horrid, lame attempts to get greedy little hands on Christmas cash by selling crap. Maybe I am crazy but I seem to remember real deals years back, things worth getting up early to go buy. Now it seems like everybody considers a bottom of the line $400 netbook a steal and I just don't get why. How does everybody else feel? were there any really good deals out there?

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I don't

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Lame "deals" for Christma ...

hunt 'deals' for gifts. Seems not gifty, somehow. If I get one, fine. But I don't chase them.

Gifting is personal in my book. I don't care what 'deal' I might get on something. If it doesn't fit the person, and come from my heart, it doesn't count.

And I don't EVEN get anywhere near shopping on 'deal days'. Those shoppers are murderous loons to stay the hell away from.


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I think my 42" Sharp for $600 from Dell was a good buy.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Lame "deals" for Christma ...

I'm happy with the deal, and I'm the only one who counts :-)

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Black Friday, Frys had a 46" Samsung

by The Scummy One In reply to I think my 42" Sharp for ...

for $640

But I decided to stick to what I went for -- a 2nd wii remote and charger (neither on sale )

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We don't have Frys around here

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Black Friday, Frys had a ...

so it didn't occur to me to check their web site.

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by jck In reply to We don't have Frys around ...

You have a Dell store there? ;-)

Hope you like the new TV. :)

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No, but

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Hm

I've heard of Dell; I recognize their name. I use their equipment daily so they stay in my mind.

The only time I hear of Frys is when they get mentioned here. I know nothing about them. Are they web only or do they have brick-and-mortar stores? Do they compete with Best Buy, Wal-mart, or Dollar General?

I'm not knocking them, it's just not a business that I'm aware of. ****, my wife had to remind me Sears carries TVs (and their BF sales weren't anything that I found worthwhile).

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I know you weren't knocking them.

by jck In reply to No, but

And yes, Fry's has brick-and-mortar, although they don't have nearly as many as the big chains.

They do offer great deals once in a while.

I can't knock Dell for selling LCDs and stuff. They just are basically a reseller like anyone else. Sharps are good TVs too, so that's cool you got one of them.

The BF sales this year really, overall, sucked the big one. I am glad I got all the parts for my new PC a month ago and got them with rebates, on sale, free shipping, etc.

Of course, i'm still building the new PC. With all the 5 projects I've been working on at once, it's kinda kept me busy. :^0

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There are two in Atlanta

by NickNielsen In reply to No, but

One in Alpharetta and the other in Duluth, at the Gwinnett Place mall. The next closest stores to us are in Indianapolis and Houston.

Check it out the next time you're down there. The Duluth store is huge and has everything from electronic components, soldering supplies, and test equipment to CDs and DVDs. Fry's is a little pricy, but I think the selection makes it worth it. The GPS I bought there would have been about $50-60 less expensive from Newegg, but I was able to see and touch every make and model on my short list.

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My experience this year

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Lame "deals" for Christma ...

I wasn't planning on doing any of the Black Friday shopping this year. Seems as if the only payoffs were for big ticket items, of which my family needed/wanted none.

I went to the closest Meijer's on Turkey Day to pick up some last minute items for dinner and the games (running out of chips before kickoff....not good). Turns out, they were having a good sale on lots of the toys I was intending to buy, anyway (3 kids + volunteer for local Letters to Santa program = quite the list).

So, I spent less than I was planning on toys this year and didn't have to deal with a crazy mob scene (store was practically empty).

To me, that was a great deal!

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Did some shopping

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Lame "deals" for Christma ...

Target had season one of the Big Bang Theory for $12.99 and Wal-Mart had a 4GB Sandisk USB drive for $8. Also, we needed a new DVD play and K-Mart had one with HDMI output for $29.99. But, on the average even the cheap movies where either lame or ancient.

I did, however, see people with 3 or more 32" televisions at Wal-Mart. The high point was when an employee told the television shoppers that they couldn't use self checkout, after they had waited in line for 20 minutes.

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