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Lamest excuses for needing a new desktop

By Beth Blakely ·
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Here's a fun Friday discussion: What's the lamest excuse for needing a new desktop that an end-user has ever given you?

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I get this one a lot: "It would look better on my desk."

by admin In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...


Usually this is coming from a person who hasn't really hardly used the last one (or three!)

I really like when they try and get my buy-in: "Don't you really think this thing looks old? Wouldn't this new one look great! How fast is it?"

I swear I could give them last years model in a new case and they would brag to everyone how "fast" it was!


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"This one doesn't hold enough fish"

by Salamander In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

...from a friend converting their Mac into an aquarium. I thought it was a valid excuse.

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One I have used

by Oz_Media In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

My clients always provide my PC's, it is contracted that I will not use my own equipment or lines... SO;

I have told a client that I needed a new PC so that I can work on more advanced graphics intensive apps.

Of course it was a high-end IBM gaming machine with 256 MB Nvidea card and dual processors. I got the client interested in Ghost Recon and he'd call me at least twice a day to fire up a game over his LAN for an hour or two.

the graphics intensive apps, well I could do those on a PII with a 32 MB card!

But the client was happy and so was I.

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by TomSal In reply to One I have used

Sweet, Ghost Recon...still IMHO one of the "classic" strategy FPS games of all time.

PS. In your situation I would of done the same

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INeed 3D glasses

by Oz_Media In reply to Nice..

Apparently the 3D glasses are excellent for GR game, I had the GPU now so it's almost 3D as is !

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Lamest Excuse

by t_panicker2003 In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

"If I get desktop I can have Airconditioner in my office".
From : Thomas Panicker - Head IT

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by bulcrapthomas In reply to Lamest Excuse

i think what thomas's main title should be is
head "giver" IT

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Health & Safety!

by pwadminbod In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

Our Health & Safety guy moans about the loud noise his PC makes. The fact that he has it mounted on the heating pipes and jammed between his desk and the wall, which helps increase the vibrations doesn't seem to bother him!

Or, how about, my PC is really slow, can I have one of those flat screens? That should speed it up!

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flat screens

by Starbury In reply to Health & Safety!

haha thats a funny one,

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It gets better

by pwadminbod In reply to flat screens

The same person called me to say they were trying to enter some data and her keyboard had "stopped working!" No numbers were appearing - yes you've guessed it, her number lock wasn't on.

Bless her! Gives us a laugh anyway...

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