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LAMP - How does it help me?

By sudheer ·
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Popularizing GNU/Linux

by sudheer In reply to LAMP - How does it help m ...

The majority of the non-tech guys have the notion that, "Linux is good,
but it is not for me". Some of the fundamental reasons why people have
this idea is that they still think:<br />
1. To operate we need to learn a lot of commands<br />
2. Linux with "user friendly" GUI is yet to come<br />
3. There is no office suite application on Linux<br />
<br />
These are the fundamental reasons why people don't agree that Linux is
an alternative for Desktops. There are several other petty reasons why
anyone just wouldn't accept the software that easily, though. <br />
<br />
I myself started using GNU/Linux an year ago and have never looked back
ever since. I'm using Ximian Evolution e-mail and gruop
client, Mozilla Firefox web browser, office suite for
all my documentation needs and gaim for Instant Messaging. I have never
ever re-installed either the applications or the entire operating
sytem for whatsoever reasons. I'm more than satisfied with the
stability, security and user friendliness that the software offers.
Hey, I ocassionalyy listen to Mp3s and watch movies on my desktop with
XMMS and Totem respectively. The X-chat IRC client and the
KSirtet game are my favorite desktop pastime. X-CDRoast does all the
back up job. The Dictionary tells me the meaning of all the words that
I look up. As a layman, I haven't spent time learning to operate these
softwares. It's as easy as any other software the novice users are
comfortable with.<br />
<br />
What more, I haven't paid a single pie to buy the software. It has come to me completely free of cost. <br />

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Popularizing GNU/Linux II

by sudheer In reply to LAMP - How does it help m ...

I use Linux and open source software for web development too. After
all, Linux was and is popular for server applications like E-mail, web
server, firewall and alike. <a href="">My
personal home page</a> is hosted on a Linux server running with MySQL and
PostgreSQL databases, Apache web server with PHP support and Sendmail,
Postfix and Cyrus as E-mail servers. There are a host of other
open source software as well for administration, accessing , etc.<br />
I have a local setup which behaves exactly the same way as the server.
I write and test programs locally and then upload to the server. <br />
Vim, initially sounded tough to operate. I was very uncomfortable with
it until I learned the simple and power navigation commands. I'm
so addicted to it that I hardly can think of using other text editors.
GIMP is more than a pretty tool to generate the graphics I need. The
masses already know that Mozilla Firefox is better than any other
browser available in the market. <br />
What's more, Squid serves as the Proxy server and adds great control to
the Linux internet gateway at my workplace. CUPS printing takes care of
all the printers at the office. <br />
We are a GNU patron. We have never ever felt the lack of any features
or ease of use with Linux and open source software. We are more than
convinced that Linux and open source is the solution for all our
computing needs.<br />

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