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    LAN and WAN


    by irwins ·

    What essentially are the infrastructural differences to set up a Wide Area Network as compared to a Local Area Network? What do u think are preferable for overseas transmission of data: satellite transmission or undersea cables?

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      250 words?

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to LAN and WAN

      Here is the answer but I don’t think that your teacher will accept it.

      LAN networks use different equipment and protocols than WAN networks. A LAN is usually confined to a single building. A WAN usually connects buildings either on a single campus or globally.

      Overseas transmission? Use the Internet. The work has already been done.

      Now read your book and tell your teacher what he/she wants to hear, from the book.

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      What a horrible question. I suggest you ask for clarificaiton!

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to LAN and WAN

      1) WAN (as defined by me) is at least two LANs that are connected by some medium (like the PTSN) and typically uses different protocols than a LAN

      2) LAN (as defined by me) is typically the same building or same organization with far fewer nodes than on a WAN. Typically LANs are ethernet LANs.

      3) Does it really matter? Why not just use the internet? If you really need a dedicated line, it depends on the connectivity of the sending and recieving end. If you assume synchronous transfer (expensive) than both sites have to be on the same provider (typically).

      4) I don’t get the question. Why not just use the internet and does it really matter what a LAN and WAN are anymore? They are starting to fuzz together….

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