Lan and WLan

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I am having this problem because involves having two network connections. I have a two nic, one of them is the wireless one. I use the wireless card to connect to internet and the lan for a local network. On my little network all other computer connecto to the internet trough this server. The problem is that if I enable the Lan the internet will drop, as i guess take priority over the wlan

The ip address are for the wlan and for the lan.
The default gateway is set for wich is my wireless router. and also i added as so in a manner that this card will use the wlan to connect to internet.

On the others computers i use as default gateway.

I have shared the wlan internet connection and is already the first in priority on the advanced tabs in network connections.

It started working fine the first time i set this up, but now they can not work together at the same time, since if i enable the lan connection it will drop the internet connection on the wlan as it takes priority.

I am missing something here, i thought i had everything ok, but apparently is not, what should i fix to make this work.

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by The Altruist In reply to Lan and WLan

Wait... no seriously. Your gateway to the world is a WLAN?

Well, the first thing is that LAN and WLAN need to be on different networks.
The WLAN can/must stay where it is. The LAN however must change. Change is good. If you're using a Windows XP machine, you'll need to setup Internet Connection Sharing on IP address (which is stupid) or a network bridge (which might not work), but I'm assuming you're using a 2003 server so instead of that, look over these tutorials on NAT and DHCP:

Then change the LAN to something like 192.168.2.x
In this instance, is where you'd want your LAN gateway. is the broadcast. is your network mask or netmask.

And, I have to ask, WHO'S INTERNET ARE YOU LEECHING? Maybe I'm not reading that right. It just seems... odd.

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I agree

by mamies In reply to WHAT?

I have a hard time following why else you would connect to the internet this way other then your neighbours wireless network. Hmm sound rather odd to me as well but yes remember they need to be seperate NETWORK addresses as well

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