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    LAN audit


    by jwarren ·

    I need a template for our LAN audit, im new to managing the LAN stream, and my techincal resource is thin……can anyone help or point me in the right direction?


    James Warren

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      by plaznine ·

      In reply to LAN audit

      Are you looking to specifically audit services running on workstations/servers or something completely different? If this is the case, I would look to utilizing Nessus in combination with NMap. There are some standard reporting facilities available once the scans are run to provide charts, etc.

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        by kels83 ·

        In reply to Audit

        I’m an IT auditor and I use all thee tools, depending on the situation- Nesus, NMap, and Visio. The first two tools are good for understanding the network and Visio is good for communications with managers and those without a highly technical background (like most non-IT auditors).

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      MS Visio?

      by bobtheitbuilder ·

      In reply to LAN audit

      Hi James, this question can be as long as it is tall as everyone’s network infrastructure is different. However, one of the best tools I have found when mapping the network out was MS Visio with the Networking Add-ons installed (Cisco have created their add-ons aswell as 3Com) which allows you to drag-&-drop the devices into the workspace and tag them with all the relevant data. There may already be a network map created in your company but if not it is a good opportunity for creating one and fully understanding what devices you have and where they are all located. Lots of leg work involved but worth it in the long run as you become the expert within youur company.

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