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By ned2 ·
Hello guys,
i'm looking for a cost effective and easy to use tool/hardware that i could plug into my LAN and enable me detect any breaks/problem points within my LAN cabling system.Something like a small network tracing equipment that will handle a LAN of about 50- 100 computers.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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by dryflies In reply to LAN Connectivity Manageme ...

I do not know about detecting any cabling errors to specific computers. However, I do know about detecting network problems it key points in the infrastructure.
I wrote a script that communicates through critical nodes of my network and reports the results back to me on a periodic basis. I do it daily, you could do it as often as you like.
First, you need to map out your network and identify the critical paths through your network to the backbone/ISP. for me, I have 3 buildings locally and then another building at the end of a T1 link each building has a switch and a server for authentication. file services are housed in three of the buildings. this is simplistic, but will serve as a good example. you also have to think about where you are monitoring from. the script has to be customized to monitor the network from a specific location.
I use perl
use Net:ing;
use LWP::Simple;
use Tk;
use Tk:ialogBox;

# initialize all the switch status' to "down"
$annex = "down";
$nfsprc = "down";
$home = "down";
$smfr = "down";
$isp = "down";
$goog = "down";
$hips = "down";
$helpd = "down";

# ping each of the nodes to see which paths work
$host = "";
if (pingecho($host))
$annex = "up"; #annex switch works
I have figured out that by pinging to each of those eight end points gives me about 95% coverage on my network, the border router, and the individual switches.
Actual cable sniffers are a manual process. you could, if you knew when a particular node was going to be operational, use ping to test a given segment of wire but it would not tell you if it was a cabling problem

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by ippirate In reply to LAN Connectivity Manageme ...

Have you tried looking at WhatsUp?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to LAN Connectivity Manageme ...

wow. you guys awesome. way awesome.
if you want a tool that can detect problems in the cabling it is called a time domain reflectometer. cheap ones are couple grand at least. do you have a sales rep from a wiring type suppplier you can ask this question?
i sure like the guys scripts and stuff.
but nothing like having the wiring certified at a certain bandwidth.
i would call a repubtable cabling installation company and see if they would bit testing my wiring. see if might guarantee it. see if get me a piece of paper saying it fine as configured on such and such a date.
this is not cost effective. but is easy to use. (tease)

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

'bit' supposed to be 'bid' as in give an cost estimate

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