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LAN driver for HP Pavilion dv 6306rs for XP Pro

By Dolphin111 ·
A laptop user approached me with a Pavilion dv 6306rs, which was recently downgraded to XP Pro.
The LAN adapter is not working so he cannot connect to the local network, we downloaded from the HP website the following driver sp36684. Well from what it seems that drivers installs the 1394 Net Adapter it shaws that its working and connected but it does not send or receive any packets, and when i go to its properties click repair i get the following error message TCP/IP Protocol is not activated for this connection. How do i go about activating this protocol?
I Googled that error message but no avail.
Appreciate any help.

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by shasca In reply to LAN driver for HP Pavilio ...

What do the properties of the local area network show? Is Ip4 enabled? What about IP6?
What doe the device manager look like? Any conflicts?

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1394 Adapater

by Dolphin111 In reply to LAN

The Properties looks just like any other Local Area Connection Properties, but i don't see the Ip4 and IP6 displayed on the "This Connection uses the following items:" As for the Device Manager under the Network Adapters there is the wireless and the 1394 Net Adapter, the wireless is the Froadcom 802.11g and they all appear to be well installed with no conflicts at all.
There are other devices in the Device Manager that need drivers such as the SM Buss, PCI Bridge, but lets keep our attention now on the LAN adapter to work, the rest will be done letter.

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ah ha

by shasca In reply to 1394 Adapater

That would substantiate what "The Chas" has said. You need the all in one chipset download. I suspect those devices are all builtin, and related. You do also realize that a conflict on one device can affect another device in the same system?

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PCI Bridge Device is the Key

by TheChas In reply to 1394 Adapater

The fact that the PCI Bridge Device is missing the driver is a good key here.

I would be willing to bet that the actual wired Ethernet adapter is on the other side of the bridge and until you have the bridge driver installed, you will never see the Ethernet port.


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N-Force Driver

by TheChas In reply to LAN driver for HP Pavilio ...

I believe you need to download and install the Windows XP version of the N-Force chip-set driver from nvidia.

The only details I could find at the HP web site was that this model has a gigibit Ethernet adapter. Since even the Vista driver listings do not include a Network adapter driver, I suspect it is part of teh nforce chip-set.

The 1394 driver you have is for the optional fire-wire ports and should not have anything to do with the normal RJ-45 Ethernet port.


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1394 Adapater

by Dolphin111 In reply to N-Force Driver

How do i go about in downloading the right nforce chip-set and how do i install it?
Wont there be any conflicts such as ending up having the Blue screen?

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Limited Information

by TheChas In reply to 1394 Adapater

Darn HP, there is enough information to know that this laptop has a N-Force chip-set, but no real direction as to which chip-set.

You are correct that installing the wrong chip-set driver can cause problems.

The best thing you can try, is to download the Nvidia system tools and see what driver it recommends for you.



If the utility does not work, you might try version 15.23 of the nforce driver.



It looks like it supports a wide enough range of chip-sets that it should get you up and running.


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Solution found!

by Dolphin111 In reply to Limited Information

After hard work and long hours looking for the way out, i finally got what i was looking for and it was wearth spending all that time searching for the solution which i got from this website http://www.fastfs.com/help_pages/hp%20downgrade.htm

just for future reference.

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