LAN gets disconnected from network when modem gets connected to ISP

By reza168 ·
Hi guys,

I have a broadband modem to connect the ISP, but once it connects, the LAN network is not accessible. I can still ping the gateway of the LAN IP segment, but not the other LAN IP segments. As if the computer is disconnected from the network. Once I disconnect from the ISP, the LAN network is accessible again.

The modem is not intended for internet use but for remote desktop connection through the ISP.

Hope there is a work around this.


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re: LAN disconnected

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to LAN gets disconnected fro ...

How do you connect the PC to the broadband modem to connect the ISP? Do you have two NIC's in your computer, or are you connected to it via USB?

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lan disconnected

by reza168 In reply to re: LAN disconnected

The broadband modem is connected via usb. The LAN network through NIC. I am experimenting the connection for remote desktop connection. But I found out that the Lan gets disconnected the network.

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re: Lan disconnected....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to lan disconnected

What operating system are you trying to do this with? If I'm not mistaken, what you're trying to do (connect to two different "networks" at the same time) would require server software of some kind. I don't believe WinXP is capable of dealing with two different IP addresses simultaneously. And, with server software, you would probably need two NIC cards.

WinXP can deal with one at a time and, if that one fails to connect, switch to the other.

I may be wrong though, so perhaps one of the network people will step in here. I'm no expert at this, so I can only guess.

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lan disconected

by reza168 In reply to re: Lan disconnected....

I am currently running XP. Will give the server a try.


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Ran a ping test

by reza168 In reply to lan disconected

I did a ping-t test from an Windows XP machine to the core server which is in a different IP segment. Ping was 1ms all the way until I connected to the ISP using 1 of the broadband usb modem, it was timed out after that. I disconnected from the ISP the the ping returned back to 1ms. It also gave out a general error before ping returned to normal.

One more thing, I installed another USB modem to one of the servers and the gateway of the modem is, ping the pc from the server , reply is ok. Tried to ping the server, reply was timed out.

Have to figure this out by this week as the modems are on loan.

Hope somebody can help me.

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Not sure

by Jacky Howe In reply to LAN gets disconnected fro ...
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had a look

by reza168 In reply to Not sure

Thanks for the article. It is for home networking and small office.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to had a look

realise that you were on a Domain.

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