LAN in BIOS was disabled but cable modem still worked, how?

By pellegr1 ·
I had cable serice to the Internet as described in Title. It worked. Now I have Version DSL and it would not work until I tracked down the fact that LAN was disabled in the BIOS. Since it worked with cable, I didn't suspect the BIOS at first, I assumed it was enabled. It is a Epox nForce ultra mother board with onboard LAN (of course).I don't need a solution, just curious, have you heard of this and do you think the Cable service would have been faster if LAN would have been enabled?

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I don't think so...........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to LAN in BIOS was disabled ...

Did you, by any chance, run the Verison DSL setup disk when you switched to DSL? If so, I'll bet my right shoe that the setup routine disabled the LAN. I've seen stranger things happen, including some of these setup disks taking the entire system down.

And, I'll bet the other shoe that your cable modem wasn't functioning with the LAN disabled. That is, unless you have wireless built into that motherboard and don't know it, and the cable modem is too.

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I understand your doubts

by pellegr1 In reply to I don't think so......... ...

I did use Verizons setup disk after the simple 1,2,3 setup procedures didn't work. DSL wouldn't work from the start even though the DSL modem seemed to be working from the second I plugged it in. The technician and I were on the phone for a long time, he ran tests from his end and told me that my PC did not have a LAN, but he wasn't taking into consideration that I had the Ethernet cable plugged into "something" and I also told him that my PC had worked with the cable modem. I do believe you are right with what you said, I can't believe the cable modem would have worked with LAN disabled either. I don't remember doing it, but I must have disabled the LAN in the BIOS sometime after giving the cable modem back to Comcast, that has to be the answer. I now consider this mystery to be over. Thanks for the help.

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