LAN Instant Messaging solutions.

By Gate keeper ·
I have a client that requested I implement an Inter-office IM solution for them.

I have just started looking around at the available products. and a few questions are creeping up.

scenario: it is a Windows shop, 30-computer LAN that is looking to expand in the next 2~3 years to 100 with the possibility of 2 or 3 offices in different locations.

Initially the Server-less variety of IM clients were what I had in mind because of the relatively small number of stations and the distributed nature of it i.e there is not a single point of failure even if the server hiccuped IM communication would not be affected.

conversely keeping the possible future expansion in mind ... it would be an administrative pain in the neck to support each client individually across multiple sites instead of a centralized administration. and if logging of conversations is required it would be preferable to store on a central server instead of across multiple machines. the server-less variety will also be more expensive down the road when they do expand because it is licensed per copy (A stable Open source, windows based IM would be the ideal)

I want something that does not allow MSN,Yahoo like protocols or that can lock them down. Security is of course important, most of the available options implement some type of encryption, with regards to IM is there any potential security gotchas that might creep up ?

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by Choppit In reply to LAN Instant Messaging sol ...
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I have looked at it

by Gate keeper In reply to Jabber

while im still not done researching all the options .. more important that the specific implementation is not as worrying as the other concerns i raised in my first post ... like server vs server-less,scurity etc. once i get an idea then i can look into specific products.

have you implemented jabber and if so .. with regards to the points in the first post how did you find it ?

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Ipswitch IM is your answer

by khale In reply to LAN Instant Messaging sol ...

Been using this stand alone app for 5 years and continue to love it. Installs on a PC as a server app and you have client installs. Only internal.

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Web Based

by LarryD4 In reply to LAN Instant Messaging sol ...

Well their are a few Web based chat solutions that would solve your central adminstration issues. Just crank up IIS on a server and install.
You could also look in to adding Sharepoint Services(Free with a 2003 standard install) to a server and use MS-Net meeting to run your own chat server as well.

And Ipswitch as stated in the previous post is a good option also.

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Office Communicator/Live Meeting?????

by 1bn0 In reply to LAN Instant Messaging sol ...

Installed it in January along wiht everything else when we upgraded the infrastructure.

IM plus VOIP / Video / VConf capability. managed within active directory.

We are using one server serving 3 sites connected by MPLS wan links

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Bopup Communication Server

by Bimbo! In reply to LAN Instant Messaging sol ...

Play with Bopup Communication Server and its messengers. Provides secure and internal IM, based on a client/server architecture. Fully functional 30-day trial is offered.

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Maybe a slight bit late

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Bopup Communication Serve ...

After all this question was asked in August 2008.

I really don't think that the person who asked it still wants an answer now.


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