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Me being daft? I want to have three PC's using static IP addresses so that i can map the drives and keep them 'static' At the same time I want all the terminals to have access to the internet.
I hope this makes sense - Can i do it without having two network cards?

Thanks for any help

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to LAN & INTERNET ON ONE CAR ...

... if you buy a router.

By the way, having static IP's isn't necessary to map the drives. Most routers today will remember and issue the same IP to each computer every time they connect. But, setting static IP's isn't a bad idea either.

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by gayle In reply to Yes.....

Big Thanks to all replies - all went well

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Basic networking.

by 1bn0 In reply to LAN & INTERNET ON ONE CAR ...

You don't need to have Static IPS. You do need to set each PCto be a member of the same "WORKGROUP".

Basically in a peer-to-peer setup it the workgroup name tells the computers they are all supposed to be working together and they should all show up in Network Places in explorer.

"Static IP" can mean different things.

A Ststic IP from your ISP means anyone on the internet can send traffic directly to that pc. This is not usually what you want in a small network.

In hte internal network a static IP is assigned to a computer or device(server or network printer maybe) so you always know where it is on the network. Workstations should not need static IPs.

You should have a router/firewall installed between your ISP connection and the rest of your network. The router should have at least 4 ports that can be hardwired to your computers. You can use wirless for the desktops if you want. The router can assign DHCP ip address to the workstations as required. This is usually considered the default configuration unless you have a specific reason for static IP's in the internal machines. Sharing folders does not require static IPs.

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