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    Lan Internet


    by tapuwa2002 ·

    I am connected on a router but I want to assign my own IP address not the one given by the router.I changed my IP and used the same gateway as the router.But still dont internet
    Do I have to put something on the DNS

    my current add


    DNS I am not sure
    Please help

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      by tapuwa2002 ·

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      re:Lan Internet

      by cantsigh ·

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      you could always try using opendns (, if you don’t know your ISP dns address.

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        First things first

        by smallbiz-techwiz ·

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        You need to know the IP address of your DNS servers BEFORE you start. Go back to using DHCP and let the router assign you an IP. It also provides you with the relevant DNS info at the same time. Once you are on the Internet, open a DOS prompt and type “ipconfig /all”. This will reveal all the information you need. Write down the IP adds of the DNS servers, then make your change to a static IP (if that’s what you really want). Enter the IP adds of the DNS servers at that point and it should work.

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