LAN network

By fahad ·
I want to setup LAN network for a small orginaization having 8 PC + 1 Server + 1 Linksys Modum + Linksys Rang Extacher.

how I can do?

I creat in a way

1- Modum will provide Internet for the user
2- Extanger will extend the internet conaction
3- Server wireless also will provide workstation

the problems
1- Alwys there is internet disconect from Far distance users but they are near extenger.
2- some users can not access public folder in the server.shoud put network admin password
3- Ip conflect in the user site and the server

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Please clarify your setup.

by 1bn0 In reply to LAN network

What model is the Linksys Modem?
What model is the Linksys Range Expander?
(I only see the WRE54G).
How far from the modem is the Range Extender located?

When you says the "Far distance users" are disconnecteing. I take it you mean they are losing the network connection entirely , not just access to the internet.

I take it the server is wireless as well. Can it not be hardwired to the modem/router?

Is the server n a static IP of is it using DHCP?

Are all of the workstations on DHCP?

What opoerating system is on each machine.(Server OS? workstation OS?)

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by cain1k In reply to LAN network

Lets see if this is right.

You have the modem running into the range extender, running to the workstations and server over wireless?

1) interferance, cell phones, things in the walls between the workstations and the wireless, and basically the wireless NICS on the workstations.

2) Do you have an active directory or do you just use local profiles? If it is local then you need to input them into the server and it should have them maybe do it once but after that the username and password will authenticate. Going on 3 years with my setup that way.

3) However you delve out DHCP, you need to set the server to a static IP and exclude that address from DHCP. I setup my server, game consoles, router, and printer all on the first 10 IP's and DHCP starts on x.x.x.111.

Hopefully I'm right in the config and that can help some.

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