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LAN problem with Win2k & Win XP

By Ron1 ·
I setup a simple peer to peer network with my win2k laptop and my win xp desktop. The desktop reads/writes shared files on the laptop just fine. However, the laptop will not communicate with the xp machine. I set static ip addresses for both machines in the LAN connections. I've created identical users on both PCs and even created a user on the win2k laptop with the name of my desktop from the workgroup. I sign onto both PCs with administrator privileges.

Most of the time after I start the laptop, Network Places will not show the desktop. When it does and I click on the icon I receive an error "\\ network path was not found". Using command prompt, I can ping the desktop from the laptop and I get an okay response of test data sent and received.

The only event log error I sometimes see is a MrxSmb source error stating that the Master Browser has received a server announcement from the desktop that it thinks it is the Master Browser and the Master Browser is stopping. I feel this error is related, but maybe not the root of the problem.

I'm certain there is a fairly simple solution to this, but I cannot figure it out. I appreciate any help anyone can give me on this problem.

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LAN problem with Win2k & Win XP

by gthegjr In reply to LAN problem with Win2k & ...

This is nothing new to me. If this is the same
problem I have noticed ...

I noticed this problem win Win2K first appeared
and people kept telling me that you could browse
with out NETBIOS over TCP. The majority of
times I have seen it was when Win9X systems were
introduced into the mix. As a matter of fact, I
have been unable to get Win2K to communicate
with 98 or ME unless NETBEUI is installed on the
LAN. Without NETBEUI I had no browsing at all
no drives would MAP andyou could not even use
the network neigborhood.

Try using NETBEUI on your computers and see if
it fixes the problem. If so the problem may lie
in the hardware design. I have tried everything
in the world and can't get it to work on some
computers. Whatever... I simply use NETBEUI on
these systems and forget about it.

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Wow! I wouldn't of thunk it.

by Ron1 In reply to LAN problem with Win2k & ...

Great solution. Though MS makes it difficult to get netbeui for xp. It's not included with xp. I just copied driver & inf files from my win2k laptop and installed on xp. Seems to have resolved my problems on the win2k machine.

Thanks for your valuable assistance.

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WinXP and NetBios

by rsmith77 In reply to Wow! I wouldn't of thunk ...

In actuallity WinXP does have a way to initiate NetBios. If you go to your connections for your network adapter, and get properties, then choose TCP/IP and get properties, then choose advanced and then choose WINS. You will notice that at the bottom you have three selections, one will be "Enable NetBios over TCP/IP. This will allow you to get things to work for you. The additional items/files you have installed to make NetBios work, may make your system unstable, so just be aware.

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Same problem with 98

by cyntek1 In reply to LAN problem with Win2k & ...

I just put a win2kpro machine on a small peer to peer network. 3 Machines communicate with the 2k machine and a 4th 98 machine but the 4th98 machine will not communicate with 2k, even though it recognizes the other 3 98s. The 2k machine sees the 4th machine but can not access it. Got the same message that you got "cannot not access path doesnt exist" All settings on all four 98s are the same. Accept the bad 98 doesnt show its workgroup in network places. Its got me baffel'd.

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