LAN Problem

By ravigdrk ·
In my LAN all nodes are working fine but couple of PC's having regular disconnection problem after couple of hours !but whenever I disable and enable the LAN then it working fine what would be the problem ??? how to solve it !!help Me !!


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Network Card

by Wizard-09 In reply to LAN Problem

Check that the network card is not set to power save mode this will disconnect users from the lan.

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Check Lan Port

by mahesh In reply to LAN Problem

I feel you need to verify and adjust the lan port settings on Systems and switch. Usually on both side settings will be Speed Auto / Duplex Auto. You can twick around this settings like -- Speed 100 / Duplex full or Speed auto / duplex full on switch side
and you can try Link Speed - Autodetect on 100mbpsFullSpeed on System NIC-lan properties.

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many reasons

by alashhar In reply to LAN Problem

i suggest to check the follwoing:

(1) interference, may be the network cables passes near by electrical range.

(2)bad connection anywhere between NIC card to switch
(a)damage Patch cable.
(b)damage outlet.
(c)damage horizontal cable.
(e)damage rj45

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could be lots of things

by Snuffy09 In reply to LAN Problem

Are your network cards going into standby mode or powersave mode?

Are the Firewalls on these computers on?

Are the softwares/protocols you are using timing out do to slow network/devices?

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