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    Lan Setup


    by code.rage ·

    I need help with setting up a lan at my work place. This is what i have

    1- Win xp machine having adsl modem and conencted to internet + printer acting as a server for lan and internet sharing, file and print sharing.

    2- Three more machines connected to this Server thru a 8 port switch.

    3- a Static / Public IP im getting soon.

    what i WNEED to DO :

    1- Have a Lan server for internal file, print and internet sharing.

    2- A seperate server to run our web application + web server. This provides service to our customers.

    3- Problem or say main requirement is this application (2-) needs to have the static IP. And at the same time i want to keep it seperate from the office lan internet traffic, for security reason.

    Since im not a networking specialist, im confused. Any help in this matter will be highlyt appreciated.


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      by the.liquidated.prophecy ·

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      I’ve done a similar task on a much larger scale so I should be able to help you out.

      Set each PC with a dynamic IP (via the network card properties) but make sure each are in turn (ie: etc)

      Connect all the PC’s onto a work group.

      When all are connected, and are seeing each other in My Network Places, click Tools then Map Network Drive, and complete that section. (This bit is for linking each machine to the ‘server’ pc and then assigning a drive letter to it.

      Once all the PC’s are set up so they can all access your ‘server’ and save / view / edit files, move onto the next stage.

      Load up Control Panel and click “Add New Printer”. You’ll want to be installing a Network Printer for this. Scan your network and it should pick up your connected printer. NOTE: You will have to install it first on the ‘server’ machine.

      Do that on all the machines you wish to have access to the printer one. Now onto the next step…

      Load up Internet Explorer, or whatever you’re using as your web-browser, and navigate to Tools > Internet Options and click on the ‘Connections’ tab. Near the bottom of this window there is a ‘LAN Settings’ Button. Click this and then make sure that the button labelled “Detect Proxy Settings” is ticked. Click OK on that and then make sure that in the ‘Connections’ box that you’re always connecting to LAN.

      This should sort out the Internet / Printing / File Sharing side of things.

      As for the webserver, you just fit it up the same way as you have done above with those PC’s.

      Connect it to the switch (so it can access the Internet) and set up the application you’re going to use.

      Also, you won’t be able to access this Network unless you’re connected to that specific Switch. Anything not connected cannot see the network, nor get in.

      I hope this helps you. If you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to email me on

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