LAN to Internet route

By bj ·
Hi, My scenario
Test Environment
Windows 2008 Server Ent Host -Static IP 10.x.x.x
Windows 2003 Virtual Server - Static IP 10.x.x.x

1 NIC in Host connected to dell powerconnect 5012 switch in Port 1
Port 10 has our DSL line connected - 192.x.x.x

I am trying to route internet traffic out the dsl port

Is there a way for me to do this.
Thanks in advance

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Well generally you do it thought he server with 2 NIC's Fitted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to LAN to Internet route

You can then control what happens where by having the Modem connect directly to the Server through one of the NIC's then set the server to Share the Internet Connection.

If you connect the Modem directly to a Port of the Switch you need to make sure that the Modem is set to hand out the DCHP and that you don't have a Static Address the same as the modem as well as in the right range to be able to communicate with the Modem.


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OK, i agree

by bj In reply to Well generally you do it ...

Thanks Col for the response.
But I would like to know if I can do this with just the one NIC and the switch, because the DSL modem is in the server room and I am doing this from a lab area. Is there a way to route outgoing internet traffic to the DSL port-10 which has the router on the other end with 192.x.x.x
Thanks i look forward to hearing from everyone.

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Look at the IP Address of the Modem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to OK, i agree

And Subnet then set your Workstations/Test Units accordingly.

What is the most likely problem here is that the IP Address or Subnet do not correspond with the computers to allow communication. Though it all depends on the Modem if it will allow you to connect it directly to a Switch and form an Internet Connection from there.


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