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LAN winth win2K

By ataaoko ·
How does one configure Win2K for a home LAN?

I am setting up a LAN with three computers. Two with win98 and one with Win2k.

1. Chose the "share-level access control"
option and am promted to type in a user
name & p/w any time I access the Win2K
workstation from one of the other two
Unfortunately any password I enter is said
to be invalid. Pls. Help



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LAN winth win2K

by hinrgman In reply to LAN winth win2K

it sounds like your password is currently blank (nothing). once you type your user name just hit enter or click ok. that should work

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LAN winth win2K

by cul8rm8e In reply to LAN winth win2K

If you try to access any files on the the win2k machine from your 98 machines just make sure that if for saying sake your logged onto win98 machine as john and password as john you will need to make sure that theres also a user been added locally to the win2k machine with a username (john) and password (john)so that you can authenticate to the win2k machine.

Im thinking that you aint set up any other user appat from (default) administrator on your 2k machine, set it up as i said and you wont have to enter a username and pass when you access the 2k machine

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LAN winth win2K

by the_biochemist In reply to LAN winth win2K

I had prety much the same problem, all i did (assuming that you trust your firewall / security) is just set up a guest account on the win 2k machine without a password and make sure that if you are sharing any files etc that the guest account is in the users list for the resource...

it may not be the most secure method but it worked for me anyway!

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LAN winth win2K

by jfpelletier In reply to LAN winth win2K

The best way to solve your problems, is to create user and a password on the w2k machine, and to logon with this information on the W98 machine.

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