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    LAN with two networks


    by bhaskarbvs ·

    I have a LAN with DHCP Enabled internet connection from one ISP, now for the same LAN we are connecting a Point to point Leased line connection by using a cisco router, How can i use the same LAN with these 2 networks. DHCP link is with network range & Cisco is with network range. Is there any solution without changing ips manually everytime to switchover between 2 networks

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      try via active directory, include them in one domain and let AD manage IPs

      by onywrx ·

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      see subject

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      Add StaticRoutes on each router

      by bapster ·

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      On both routers, you will need to add the subnet (route) to each network.
      On the ISP router you would add the Cisco subnet, and on the Ciso router add
      the subnet… You should then be able to access each others networks.

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