Lan with Wlan

By LotsoPoppa ·
I want to ADD a Wireless to my already wired LAN network. I thought I could just add the wireless router, obviously I was wrong. The Wireless G router knock out the Linksys wired router and subsequently knock out the entire network (I was alone!)until I rebooted the server and the router. Is it possible to have both? Any help would be appreciated.

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Both possible

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Lan with Wlan

That sounds strange. Did you configure the wireless router before you connected it to the rest of the LAN?

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by LotsoPoppa In reply to Both possible

No...Just connected it to the wired router... I connected Wireless G to Linksys bfrs, I think I had the wiring backwards somehow. connected the Wireless from it's internet port to one of linksys ports, then configured the Wireless router. I did not think the config of the linksys would be affected. Can you define the wiring specs to me...??

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Uuuuh!

Are you sure the port you connected the wireless router is the LAN port and not the WAN port? How many ports does it have?

Which particular brands and models are the two routers?

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by LotsoPoppa In reply to Models?

I beleive I forgot one very important piece of equip., a WAP. Both routers are LINKSYS one Wlan G and the other LAN BFSR. By doing the proper wiring I believe I can succeed. One of the other guys mentioned something about addressing if you can help with that that would be good. Anyway I have to get a WAP because this is a prelude to a full blown WLAN.

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by CG IT In reply to Lan with Wlan

you got a wireless router. what you should have gotten was a wireless access point.

be that as it may, the problem is that when you connected the router to the existing network, presumably hooking up a cat 5 cable from the LAN ports on the router to a LAN port on the wired router you all of a sudden had to DHCP servers on the network which you can't have. 2 DHCP servers can't exist on the same network or oops nothing works.

What you should have done is connect the WAN port on the wireless router connect to the LAN port on the wired router.

As far as configuration of addressing.... well one of the other guys can help you out... just remember you've got 2 networks [subnets] if you use 2 routers.

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OKay, Okay!

by LotsoPoppa In reply to hahahahaha

The irony is while riding the train on the way home going through my notes on setting up a larger WLan in my school i discovered a little piece of equipment missing yea a WAP! While further reading NO you can't have 2 DHCPs' on the net. Now remember these are my notes! I guess that is what happens when your ordering Fast and Furious. Dont hurt yourself laughing...LOL
THX CG.....

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sorry but.........

by CG IT In reply to OKay, Okay!

Sorry about the hahahahaha. There are lots of posts from people saying "I'm a network admin for a school, how do you set up Windows 2003 server?" Now that begs the question, "How did you get the job of a network admin?"

2 routers = 2 networks. If you have DHCP enabled on the wired router, connect the WAN port of the wireless router to the LAN port on the wired router. Assign a static address for the WAN port on the wireless router in the same subnet as the wired. Gateway will be the wired router address. DNS will be your ISPs DNS servers.

for the Wireless router, create a subnet addressing scheme other than the one on the wired router e.g.

if your wired is then make your wireless

the default gateway for wireless clients will be the wireless router address. DNS is ISP DNS servers.

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Thanks, Finally i got it :)

by m_iqbalid In reply to sorry but.........

The only one thing u need is dont try to put your RJ45 from PC router to Internet port in WiFi Router, just insert it into HUB/Switch port.
Another one is on advance router tab is to change the configuration to disable routing.
Good luck

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