LAN(10 users) & WLAN (40users) setup

By CiscoECE ·
hai folks..
We are going to setup a LAN and WLAN in our leaving area (compound).
We will have 10 ethernet connections and 40 wireless users setup..
So we are planning to hook up a cisco 857 Wireless ADSL router with 4Mbps connection.
from router we will get connected to 16-port 3com switch for 10 users and

so below setup will be better to go with.

will we be able to get good speed for 30-40 users wireless with this router. do we need to install this router outside. or should we use an external pole mounting antenna..??

thanks for the expert advices

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need more info???

by sirkozz In reply to LAN(10 users) & WLAN (40u ...

How much area are you trying to cover?
What is the minimum data rate (802.3) are you looking at providing the WLAN STA's?
What type of environment are you installing the WLAN in?
What is the farthest that a STA will connect to the WLAN, and what physical obstacles are there between the router and STA?

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more info

by CiscoECE In reply to need more info???

thnks for the reply..

requested info here..

1. 150 mtrs length and 50 mtrs wide rectangular area we need to cover.

2.802.3 b/g we are looking for and we dont need STA roaming as we are planning to install a single route/accees point. is for the bachelor residential compound,consisting of 40 Rooms.. all rooms are made of Wood..

4. the farthest STA will be at
around 130 meters from the WLAN..

5. No high rise buildings for obstacle..just wooden made desert Rooms need access for internet.

cud u pls guide for this area what will be the betterr solution..


thnx in advnce

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hope this helps

by sirkozz In reply to more info

I know this is going to increase the cost but otherwise you?ll have to install the 857 in an inconvenient location.

857>LAN switch>Cisco 1242

Cisco 1242 with 8dBi omni?s, mount these in the center of the area 1 to 2 meters above the highest structure, this AP can be powered via 802.3a/f or local AC power.

I did not ask the 802.11 data rates or protocol, I asked how much of the 4Mb internet pipe are you trying to get to the WLAN STA?s? With only 4Mb going to 50 potential users the users could have a very slow surfing experience. You will need to configure a very aggressive QoS on both the router and the WLAN to ensure decent access for all users. The LAN clients are going to have 200 times the access to the 4Mb pipe.
In a ?clean? WLAN environment using 802.11g and assuming that all 40 clients are connected at 54Mb (never gonna happen) you have a maximum 22Mb of available bandwidth, that results in about .5Mb per client, however that does not include any latency caused by both protocol/encryption encapsulation/de-encapsulation, or RF retransmission due to collisions ect. You might want to add another 1242, this way you would be giving 1Mb RF bandwidth per STA.

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thnaks for the inputs...

by CiscoECE In reply to hope this helps

I am planning this setup.. will it be good..? (LAN switch and Cisco 1242 to Cisco 857W LAN ports) orelse i shld hook up the 1242 into LAN switch..?

................. >LAN switch>to PCs
Cisco 857W
................. >Cisco 1242>W/L clients

are you talking abt cisco 1242AG series AP (I hope), for this do i need to install external antenna or it has any built in antenna..? if yes can one antenna surves the complete area..?

I can't afford another 1242 now.. around 1 Mb bandwidth per STA will be enough..(expecting all 40 users wont use net at single time then BW may increase to 1 to 2MB also) and yeah LAN users will be at high speed..!!

waiting for reply..

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should be fine

by .Martin. In reply to LAN(10 users) & WLAN (40u ...

but you may have troubles.

definitely go for the wireless-g rather than the b.

as for positioning the router, keep the actual device indoors, then get an outdoor (weatherproof) antenna or wireless access point/bridge. depending on where you are able to position it, if possible, right in the middle of the 150x50m area, but if not, somewhere towards the 75m mark on the larger edge of the area.

otherwise your thoughts are right, modem to router to switch.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


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thnx for ur point...

by CiscoECE In reply to should be fine

yeah i shld go with wi-G only

as u said outdoor W/L AP is there any sort of like which has built in OMNI antenna which can surve my needs..??

definetly i will install it in middle around 75M mark..waiting for reply..

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