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      My first TechRepublic blog

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      Things of interset…

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      well.. i was walking down Buchanan street last thursday and my friend show me this beautiful coffee shop where they were selling a classic Gaggia espresso machine for ?250; if i remember well.. but i had in my mind another idea..i was going to save till i got ?400 to get my self a brand new Rancilio Silvia Espresso machine…semi-pro..

      Now i dont know.. i have two hearts and i hate it when i have to choose…

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      A life of Champion…

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      Image hosted by Louis Phal<Battling Siki> was born M’Barik Fall in September 1897 in Saint Louis, Senegal. A rumour says that he arrived in France at the age of 15 as a French Actress servant. His first job was cleaning dishes then started his career in boxing soon later…

      From 1912 to 1914, He will deliver 16 fights including 8 victories, 6 nulls games and 2 defeats. Putting a hold to his career to join the French army during the WW1, where his bravery in battle earned him both the Croix De Guerre and the Medaille Militaire

      He resume his boxing carreer in 1919.. from 46 games in the next 4 years he won 43 – 2 nuls and only one defeat…The fight that took place on the 22 September in 1922 will earn him the title of world champion…making Siki at the age of 25 the first African to won this title..

      Though Siki was very popular? he cannot escape many racist abuses from the media. Some newpaper swent on to call him the “Championzee” or the “Son of the Jungle” and many more…but he never was too much bothered by that actually he enjoyed life as much as he possible could?

      His lifestyle (Alcohol, ladies and street fights) brought him more attention than his fights. On the 15 December 1925, Louis Phal “Battling Siki”, who left his home on 42nd Street, telling his wife, Lillian, that he was going out “with the boys” was found dead. He had been shot twice in the back at close range, and he died at the scene. He was only 28 years old. He’s remember by Lilian Phal, his wife as “a good boy, he was just mischievous. He would never harm anybody.”

      Battling Siki is buried in Flushing, Queens.

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      CD Exchange…..

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      Well there we go… never been asked to criticize someone’s taste in music..coz i believe that everybody has different tastes and views..that’s what makes us what we are…Today i’m reveiwing John’s selection…again tough coz John is a DJ…but i’ll give it a shot…

      1. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark-The New Stone Age
      2. : Very noisy and unorchestred..not for me thanx..(3/10)

      3. Cannibal Ox-Iron Galaxy
      4. :Not sure on this one seems like they are hunted or suffer double personalities..i dont even know what they are supposed to be singing…well(1/10)

      5. Le Tigre-I’m so Excited
      6. :Very nice actually m’feeling lifted (8/10)

      7. Tiga-You Gonna Want Me
      8. :Mother Earth help us..sure thing will never want you!(2/10)

      9. Nitzer Ebb-Join In The Chant(remix)
      10. :too much noise…wonder if they did even bother Rehearsing this song.(3/10)

      11. The Stooges-I wanna Be Your Dog
      12. :Ummhn i wonder if it’s just me or..but please..cant listen to this anymore.(4/10)

      13. Neil Young- Sample and Hold
      14. :great stuffs…very inspiring for young kids in bands…they can make it one day….(5/10)

      15. Silver Apples-Oscillations
      16. :See being an artist means creativity and iniative…but it seems they didn’t bother (4.5/10)

      17. Pink Floyd-One of these Days
      18. : Very short and neat and nice to listen to..(9/10)

      19. Arcade Fire-Neighbourhood#1
      20. : Makes me wanna play it again and again and again and again..(10/10)

      21. Neil Young-A Man Needs a Maid
      22. :Hang on! are you sure…is this Neil..Neil Young..yeah i like it, great stuff Neil.very rite aswell i need a Maid rite now..(8/10)

      23. REM-Country Feedback(Unplugged)
      24. :Voila..This what i call music..well who said you get great wine at the end of a wedding(11/10)

      25. Talking Heads-Heaven
      26. :i can see myself down my local with a lager and a cigarette..reading a whatever tabloid…that’s my heaven,,very exciting heih(8/10)

      27. The Concretes-Lonely As ca Be
      28. :ummh! not sure now..(5/10)

      29. DFA1979-Black History Month(Alan Braxe and Fred Falke remix)
      30. :John! Why are you spoiling this for me…anyway need to finish this soon so (6/10)

      31. Royksopp-49Percent(Angelo and Ingrosso Remix)
      32. :Well whoelse this can be with high quality stuff..(8.5/10)

      Concl:Quality CD and very easy to listen but it does put your patient at test..cos what to enjoy comes near the end…!Well done Johnny anyway i knew i could rely on you

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      I may not be good but i’m better than you!

      by landrik ·

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      Last night, I spend the entire night thinking about what I could possibly post today…and BOOM! This idea come banging inside my head??STEREOTYPING?…

      Sometime in our life, we have been stereotyped or have stereotyped others…but the issue is we don?t realise how this process can affect our lies and that of others? Let me explain

      A bunch of “experienced” teachers were asked to evaluate a set of short essays written by eleven year olds identified by first name only – those by attractive names were graded a full letter higher than those by unattractive names – the effect was stronger for boys names that girls names

      Sure you might think there is no harm in that…well think again…

      Suppose that someone says that ALL members of a specific race, gender, height, hair colour, etc are “cheap” “lazy” “criminal” or “dumb”

      BANG!!! Right there…S/he is expressing stereotypes. We all know that ALL groups have both cheap and generous individuals. All groups have individuals who commit crimes. To label an entire group based on the actions of some is to engage in stereotyping. The consequence is negative…you might say well the statement in itself is a little bit negative; Nope even when the statement is positive(..Physically attractive people are also nice) still the consequences are negative.

      Although the stereotype may be an accurate description of one or a few members of a group, usually they are inaccurate or wrong descriptions of most group members.

      Reason why people do intend to jump into stereotyping….

      People who have poor self-images or insecure personalities are more likely to be prejudices. They are likely to boost their own worth by finding a group of people whom they can put down.

      Remember one day making this statement: “I may not be very good but I am better than those people.”

      Putting down others serve as a psychological function, making us feel more acceptable and worthy in front of our peers and more important and powerful than those we put down? (Sometime leading to being a bully and discrimination)

      Others might exclude, use unkind names or make fun of others because they believe it is a popular thing to do and that it will help to be more accepted by friends and peers.

      Over time, these actions and behaviours lead to accentuated prejudices and therefore discriminating those who might be threats to the shaky self image and insecure personality.

      It’s a good and positive thing to notice our differences in views or personalities but when these properties are attached with negative values that is when problems begin?

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      Grand merci a DJ Bushmaster (Paris)

      by landrik ·

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      Just a note pour remercier Christian Davion de m’avoir fait ce compilation des meilleurs Zouk..t’es champion!, je compte poster mes revus des que je termine a l’ecouter…Au fait j’ai aussi perdu mon Creole dictionnaire donc ca va chier en peu …a+

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      Apprendre le cr?ole(HAITI)

      by landrik ·

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      Beinh! aujourdhui j’ai decid? de poster quelque sujets sur le cr?ole: Cette langue est plus utilis? au caraibes et varie de pays a l’autre mais des que tu comprends l’un l’autre devient plus facile.

      Par example le cr?ole haitien ressemble au cr?ole martiniquais ou guadeloup?en avec quelque nuance evidement.Aussi il faut noter que quelqu’il soit la phonetique, en cr?ole tout s’ecrit comme il se

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      Humanist Society of Scotland Annual conference 2005

      by landrik ·

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      Since I?m travelling to Perth(UK) this weekend for the “Humanist Society of Scotland Annual conference 2005”, I thought, I might share a little on what this organisation is all about;

      Humanism is defined as: A desire to direct a thought to solve life?s problems in a materialistic and practical nature in order to improve man?s life

      However Humanism has different meanings each one being

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      About some of my role models

      by landrik ·

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      Though today i’m not feeling really up for talking or posting…just want to start series on life of my role models.

      obviously for a starter, i wanna go down there in South Africa and talk about Nelson “Madiba” Mandela: Well i gotta be careful when it comes to down to a block who spent 27 years of his life in a bloddy prison, so people like me and you can feel equal no matter how we look like

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      The Che of Africa…

      by landrik ·

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      It’s October 15, 1987, Africa is crying again…The reason! because She’ll never see again Captain Thomas Sankara; one of her greatest sons is coldy murdered by his best friend Blaise Compaore.

      I’d like to dedicate this post to the best of the best,” The Che of Africa”. His bio read like this;

      Born in Yako, Burkina Faso then called Upper Volta in 1949, he was a charismatic left-leaning leader

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