lap top overheating / shut down

By mphmcm ·
I have an Acer 5315 that seams to be overheating causing it to shut down.I have opened it up and cleaned lots of dust from cooling fan, the trouble is that the fan does not turn on before it shuts down. I have it on a cooling platform, but it does not help. Thing is if I turn it back on right away, the fan comes on, cools it down and then it is fine. Any ideas on what I need to do or try?

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The fan is only the tip of the iceberg ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to lap top overheating / shu ...

When you opened this ACER up, you witnessed all the gunge and fluff that had gathered on the blades of the intake fan - that is only the bits that got stuck to the blades, the rest went further into the cooling conduit.

There should be some prefabricated cooling pipe that the air intake is forced down, all the way to the heatsink mounted on top of the CPU. This tube system can also be full of fluff, as can the heatsink.

As for the fan not starting from a cold boot, I'd check the wiring for the fan again and perhaps make sure it is seated properly.

I don't know why it would only spin properly after a forced shutdown.

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Look closely at the fan bearings

by robo_dev In reply to The fan is only the tip o ...

in many cases, these cheap computer fans simply stick because their bearings are shot.

If the fan bearings are shot, then either the fan is running too slowly, or may randomly stop, which will cause overheating, obviously.

If you have it apart, installing a new fan is the best bet. Then you don't have to perform the thankless task of cleaning the grunge off the fan blades.

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Yes I would defiantly check the Fans Connections

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to lap top overheating / shu ...

But I would also suggest opening the BIOS and making sure that the CPU Temp is correctly set and that the Fan Speed is actually being measured. It's perfectly possible that the Fan not spinning is the cause that the NB is shutting down.

As to why it's not running when you first turn on that can only be a faulty Fan and or M'Board. I would get these tested and see what needs replacing. I would also check with Acer if they have had to issue a Product Recall for this as well.


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Fan connection/ bios

by mphmcm In reply to Yes I would defiantly che ...

All connections seem to be good on fan. Can you describe how to, on XP pro, how to enter bios and check fan operations and temp. settings? Is it possible to keep the fan tuned on at boot?

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To enter the BIOS ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Fan connection/ bios

You get a displayed instruction instantly you power-up the laptop, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. It'll say "Press XX to enter BIOS setup" - (the 'XX' can be either DEL or F2 or some other key).

Entry will only be successful if you press the indicated key WHILE the instruction is visible on the screen. (This KEY should be pressed prior to inputting a Boot Password if you have one enabled).

Once you are inside the BIOS screens you have to use the cursor arrow keys to navigate around the BIOS because the mouse will not work (its Drivers have not yet been loaded at this point).

As to whether it is "possible to keep the fan tuned on at boot" the ACER's fan is ALWAYS powered-on at boot - it starts turning as soon as power is applied. If it's anything like the fan on my ACER laptop, it sometimes seems as if it is not turning, but that's only because it is so quiet. Once the laptop is under system stress the fan speeds up and that is the only time that I can actually hear it.

At no time does the fan NOT turn - it just turns slower.

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Enter Bios

by mphmcm In reply to To enter the BIOS ...

Well I entered bios and looked at all the the menues, could not find anything about the fan or temps. The fan itself seams to be running fine, but laptop still gets very warm around the key board. Laptop still shuts down but after powering up again it will stay on for hours of use. I just don't know what else to try or do!

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Try a Cool Pad like this one

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Enter Bios

And see what a difference that makes. They also because of the fans in them stop a lot of the airborne Gunk getting sucked into the NB and clogging the Cooling ducting.


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by ---TK--- In reply to lap top overheating / shu ...

I read on another forum, that updating the BIOS would solve the issue.... I would check to see if you had the latest and greatest BIOS version.

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